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Wag N' Wash® Natural Food & Bakery - Dog Toys

Dog Toys

No one lives to play more than our four legged friends. From fetch to tug and from chew to chase, Wag N’ Wash® Natural Pet Food & Grooming has a selection of the most fun and durable dog toys on the market.

We’ve got cuddly toys, tough toys, frisbees for indoors and out, fetch toys, tennis ball launchers, durable rubber toys, large balls, small balls, almost indestructible balls, rope toys, talking toys, and on and on and on! We even have “intelligent” and interactive toys that help to keep your pet’s curiosity occupied when you can’t.

Among our many items, look for quality products from these and other manufacturers:

Cat Toys

There is no denying that a cat’s favorite plaything is their human. They love to tease us and wrap us around their furry little paws. Here at Wag N’ Wash® we have a variety of items that will help to entertain the feline queen or king of the house and divert their attention from their subjects. Look for such fun items as:

  • Organic Catnip
  • Fuzzy Mice
  • Cat Tunnels
  • Crackler Toys
  • Kitten Mittens
  • Feather Sticks
  • Plush Toys