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For Snugglers

Some companions can’t get enough of their guardians. If you have a companion pet that loves to snuggle up and stay close, Wag N’ Wash® Pet Food & Bakerys has a variety of products that will help them smell nice and feel good. From our West Paw pet bedding to our plush toys, we offer many soft selections for your companion to play with and lay on alike.

If you love to snuggle with your companion, our Wag N’ Wash® shampoos and conditioners can keep them smelling wonderful. Our collection of brushes and other grooming tools will keep your companions coat top-notch and easy to cuddle with. If you prefer to have your companion groomed, we have a staff of friendly and skilled groomers who are eager to get your companion looking good. From our self wash to our variety of products, we make sure that we have all their and your snuggling needs met.

Hello there,

It’s me Zini, here to represent those of you that can’t snuggle, cuddle, smooch or pal-up enough with your friends and family. Attention cuddle-factories, this is the blog for you! Now, we understand how you love to be close with the ones you love, and the ones you love want you to, well…smell nice. This is on account of proximity, and we want you to be as loved as possible. No offense, but no one likes to smell awful, and since we dogs have such a keen sense of smell, it is of utmost importance. We snugglers maintain our ability to do so through a complex system of:

a) Smelling good. This is key, if you are a stinky dog you are bound to get a few polite pats on the head in place of a full embrace. The better you smell, the more willing many will be to pet you.

b) Looking good. This means the occasional pamper and visit to the groomer. The more inviting your fur looks, the more it will be noticed. (Trust me, these humans are not hard to figure out.)

c) Cute puppy faces. Again, people are pretty predictable. Throw in an ear-raise and a head tilt, and jackpot! They are wrapped around your paw.

And last but not least,

d) Unconditional loyalty to our bi-pedal pals. This is rather natural and needs little explanation, but the stronger the bond, the more apt they are to snuggle.

If you practice all four steps to cuddle enlightenment, I personally guarantee you will be showered in the attention you both crave and deserve. The great news is that Wag N’ Wash is here to help you cuddle up. They have a line a wonderful shampoos that cater to each individual dogs needs. This way you will smell awesome while giving your fur the unique formula it requires.