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Savings up to 15% on Dental Chews, Food and Treats at Wag N’ Wash Arizona!

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Published on: February 9, 2017


Dental HealthFebruary is Pet Dental Health Month! It’s the perfect time to learn about all the benefits a good dental routine can have for your dog or cat! 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some sort of periodontal disease by the age of three. Help them fight bad breath and get their teeth sparkling!
The best preventative step is daily brushing, but there are a number of products that can help your pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy. All through February, take 15% off bags of Whimzees and Ark Naturals dental chews at your locally owned and operated Wag N’ Wash! Our staff is happy to answer any questions about which dental product is best for you and your pet. CLICK HERE for more info on pet dental health!


Nature's LogicNature’s Logic is a highly palatable and nutrient dense meat based dry food with concentrates of select fruits and vegetables. It’s specially coated with digestive enzymes and plasma protein containing high levels of natural vitamins, minerals and albumin and globulin proteins! Its protein makes it great for high energy and active dogs, while its probiotics make it a good choice for sensitive dogs.
Throughout February, take $10 off a large size bag of Nature’s Logic Turkey formula at your locally owned and operated Wag N’ Wash!


Prim MilkDoes your cat or dog have a sensitive tummy or a picky palate? All through February, buy any Primal freeze-dried formula and get a free 16 oz bottle of Primal Raw Goat Milk! Primal Goat Milk has cinnamon, ginger and tumeric to help soothe inflammation and calm an upset stomach.
Primal freeze-dried raw diets also work as a great meal topper for picky eaters. Just crumble them over your pets’ regular kibble! Worried your pet isn’t getting enough moisture? Simply add water to the freeze-dried nuggets for an easy way to combat dry desert air!