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Resolve to Keep Your Companion Healthy!

Resolve to Keep Your Companion Healthy
Published on: December 28, 2017

As a new year starts, take a moment to reflect on how to keep your companion healthy and happy in 2018.

Maintain a healthy weight

Food needs can change over time. Do you have a senior pet that is not as active as it used to be? Is there a young dog in the family that is ready to graduate from puppy food to adult food? The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate if diet adjustments need to be made.

Resolve to Keep Your Companion HealthyTalk to a team member about which food options best meet the needs of your companion in this stage of life. New foods are introduced in the marketplace all the time. It is a good idea to revisit what you are feeding on an annual basis. Senior dogs may need to have fewer calories. As puppies enter adulthood they too may need fewer calories.

Protein levels vary in foods. Diets higher in proteins and lower in fat can help your companion achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Keeping weight under control will help your companion prevent bone and joint problems, heart and lung issues, and ultimately help your companion achieve the longest lifespan possible.

Regular exercise

Companions need a regular exercise routine to maintain good health just like people do. A minimum goal is two leash walks per day of at least 15 minutes each plus a game of some kind like fetch.

An exercise routine provides other benefits besides weight management. It is a great opportunity to provide stimulation for your companion and reduce boredom. Exercise also creates terrific bonding time with your family member. Check these tips to take a safe evening stroll: Take a Safe Evening Stroll

Short on time? Try a product like an automatic ball launcher to provide play time that burns calories too.

Annual check up

Because of busy lives it can be easy to let your companion’s annual check up slip to the bottom of the to do list. That veterinarian appointment is crucial to make sure your companion is at an optimal weight and vaccinations are up-to-date. An exam is a great way to head off potential health problems before costly intervention is required.

Resolve to Keep Your Companion HealthyThe vet will give you a report on the overall health of your companion and identify potential problem areas.

Check with a team member to see if your locally owned and operated Wag N’ Wash offers a vaccine clinic in the store. Clinics are often scheduled on evenings or weekends and appointments usually are not necessary.

Clean teeth

In a few minutes each week you can improve your companion’s dental health. Talk to a team member for recommendations on a dental regimen to keep your dog healthy.

A dental plan can include tooth brushing, dental chews or a supplement that will prevent plaque. Dental problems can create costly extractions and even systemic illness.

Skin, coat and nails

Skin, coat and nails in tip top shape will help your companion feel good.

Choose a shampoo and conditioner suited to your dog’s coat or keep a regular schedule of grooming appointments. Check your pet for dry skin and apply moisturizer before the area becomes a hot spot that needs attention from a vet. Consider a supplement like salmon oil to moisturize the entire system.

Resolve to make nail trims a regular part of your companion’s maintenance. No appointment is necessary for a nail trim at your local Wag N’ Wash Natural food & Bakery. It is far less stressful for your companion to get used to a regular nail trim than to let the nails get long and interfere with daily activity.

Use all of these tips to help your companion have the best year possible!