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Supplements For Pets

As a animal owner, you may take supplements for your own diet. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, or maybe just a multivitamin. But have you ever thought about the fact that your companion may need supplements as well?

Feeding your dog a healthy diet of natural pet foods should provide all the nutrition your pet needs. Sometimes, however, supplementation is necessary to support your pet's current diet. Wag N' Wash is your one stop pet food store to not only find natural pet food for your loyal companion, but any supplements they need.

Before purchasing pet supplements or adding them to your pet’s diet, check in with your vet. They are a great addition to a healthy pet's diet and can be used in managing chronic conditions, but they should never be used in emergency situations.

Wag N' Wash is a locally owned pet supplement store in your area.

When should I add Supplements To My Animal's Diet?

If you notice a change in your pet’s health or behavior, you may want to consider visiting your local pet food store and adding supplements to their diet.

Supplements Can Be Used To Treat Or Improve:
Digestive Issues
Skin and Coats
Energy Levels
Organ Function

Additionally, certain supplements can be used in place of traditional medicines if your pet is suffering from an ailment. Senior animals may benefit from supplements that support the immune system, organ function and digestive health.

Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming is your number one source for nutritional supplements. You can find:
Hip and Joint Supplements
Digestion Aids
Skin and Coat Conditioners
anxiety relievers

In addition to carrying supplements to treat specific issues, Wag N' Wash stocks various brands of probiotics for dogs, which can benefit almost all dogs. Probiotics are naturally found in your dog's gut and aid digestion and increase immune system functions. Dogs that suffer from digestive problems or frequent infections may benefit from probiotic supplementation.

Wag N' Wash- the #1 pet supplement store in your city. How Do I know What Supplements Are Safe?

As we mentioned, always consult with your veterinarian before starting any supplements. Some ingredients may interact with pet medications, and it is possible for pets to have too much of one vitamin.

If your pet has started exhibiting new health or behavior issues, your vet can also test them to see what vitamins they may be deficient in, and recommend diet changes or supplements. Here are some other tips for choosing the right supplements for your four-legged-friend:

Choose brands that have confirmed expertise and have done clinical studies on their products.

Read labels carefully to ensure quality and safety.

Look for a lot number on the product. This is a sign that the company uses quality control checks.

Remember that supplements are just supplemental to your companions's diet — not a cure all.

Don’t give human supplements to your animal. They’re not the same, and some ingredients that are okay for humans might be harmful to pets.

Wag N' Wash Pet Supplements Near Me.

If you’ve noticed health or behavior changes in your pet, visited your vet and received a consultation and you’re ready to take the next step, stop by your local pet food store and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you discover the best supplements or probiotics for your companion's needs.

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