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For humans, a diet of natural, wholesome food is essential to feeling our best and optimizing our health. That's why we pay attention to where our food is coming from and choose the options that are fresh, free from additives, and nutritious. Well, the same principles apply to the diets of our companion pets too! They deserve nutritious and delicious meals too and that's why, at Wag N' Wash, we only offer natural pet food brands that put their best paw forward when it comes to quality ingredients.

Today, most commercial grade pet foods are formulated to keep your pet alive and reasonably healthy at the lowest cost possible. Unfortunately, these products often lack a variety of fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients that would otherwise optimize your pet's health and make mealtime a true pleasure. Instead, poor quality meats, non-nutritional fillers and byproducts are used. You can find most of these low quality brands in many major name pet stores across the nation, which makes finding healthy, natural dog food options difficult.

At Wag N' Wash we understand the importance of your pet's health - their diet is the biggest health variable controlled by you, their guardian, and is crucial to their well being! That's why choosing a healthy, all natural pet food is the most loving choice you can make for your companion. At Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming, we make it a priority to offer our customers premium and nutritious natural pet food brands.

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All Natural Pet Foods - Wag N' Wash
All-Natural Pet Food Brands We Offer

REMEMBER ALL OF OUR BRANDS ARE RISK FREE TO TRY. If your pet doesn't like it or you're not satisfied, just bring it back for an exchange or refund!

Dry kibble brands

  • Acana
  • Canidae
  • Earthborn Holistic
  • Fromm
  • Merrick Classic
  • Nature's Variety Instinct
  • Pure Vita
  • Whole Earth Farms
Raw food brands

  • Bravo
  • Nature's Variety Instinct Raw
  • Northwest Naturals
  • Primal
  • Stella & Chewy's
  • Tuckers
Grain Free Kibble

  • Acana
  • Canidae Pure Grain Free
  • Earthborn
  • Fromm
  • Merrick Grain Free
  • Natural Balance
  • Natures Variety Instinct
  • Nutrisource
  • Orijen
  • Pro-pac Ultimates
  • Taste Of The Wild
  • Zignature

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*Food brands may vary by Wag N' Wash location.

Freeze Dried/Dehydrated

  • Grandma Lucy's
  • Honest Kitchen
  • Primal
  • Sojo's
  • Stella & Chewy's
Canned Food

  • Against The Grain
  • Evangers
  • Fruitables
  • Petkind
  • Tripett
  • Weruva
  • Zignature

The nutritional requirements of your companion pet depend on many factors; including environment, activity level, age and, in some cases, dietary restrictions. Our trained staff is available to answer questions and to help you research the appropriate food for your companion. Feel free to bring your bag of current food in to OUR STORES and let us do a comparison with you to find the right food to meet the needs of both you and your four-legged family member.

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Treats and Bones

Are you feeding your pets healthy food? Treats and bones, while considered a special "treat" for your pup, should also contain healthy ingredients. Our dog bakery contains freshly baked treats made from natural ingredients. Considered a real treat by our four legged customers, these fresh baked goods are a great way to show your pet who is a good boy or girl.

Dog Treats and Bones - Wag N' Wash

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When you shop at Wag N' Wash, you are supporting your local community! All Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming stores are locally owned and operated, meaning purchases made in your local store, including our All Natural Pet Foods, support your local community. At each Wag N' Wash, you will find the same level of support and customer care. We work hard to make shopping a pawsitive experience for all of our customers, two and four legged alike. Each locally owned Wag N' Wash is maintained by hard-working, pet loving business men and women in your local community. Next time you are thinking about pet grooming, supplies and natural food, think no further than Wag N' Wash. By choosing Wag N' Wash, as your local pet store, over a national chain store, you are helping each owner in their mission and strong dedication to enrich the community that they and their business are located in. Shop local by visiting us today to take advantage of our all our services!

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