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Puppy Self-Wash when you sign-up to become a VIP member.
Puppy Self-Wash when you sign-up to become a VIP member.

For new puppies under 6 months old. Limit one per puppy. One puppy per customer. Valid Monday - Friday.

 Ultimate Self Wash for New Customers When you Sign-Up to Become a VIP Member.
Ultimate Self Wash for New Customers When you Sign-Up to Become a VIP Member.

Free Ultimate Self-Wash for New Customers. Limit one coupon/dog per customer. Valid Monday - Friday.


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This was the best first time experience. The staff is incredibly helpful, friendly, and inviting. They were thorough with explaining the wash packages & how to use the equipment. But the biggest shoutout goes to Bob! Thank you so much for all of your help, kindness, compassion, and patience with my dog Sammy. He isn't ...
— Lady J., Posted March 14th 2022 on google
I started taking my dog Bailey to the Wag N Wash about two months ago because he had to have surgery to have his arm amputated due to bone cancer. Ever since his surgery everything has been difficult. We went to the Wag N Wash because I needed help getting his nails cut. Charlie helped us with the dremel and made the e...
— Jaye Wagner, Posted January 15th 2022 on google
This place is awesome!! Thanks too all !! Stella really enjoyed her bath and playtime on the playground.🎄🎄🎾
— Kriss Childress, Posted December 21st 2021 on google
Justin and the team here are fantastic. Tragedy struck our family and long story short, they were very kind with Akela. Thank you so much we really appreciate the use of your great wash facilities.
— ted sandoval, Posted November 29th 2021 on google
Justin and the staff are always so helpful, professional and easy to work with. Thank you for always taking care of our dogs grooming and food needs.
— Susan Johnson, Posted November 12th 2021 on google
Very friendly and reasonably priced for grooming
— Pamela Hopson, Posted November 5th 2021 on google
I love taking Pepper to Wag n’ Wash! This location is great! It stays open late! For larger dogs that are hard to lift- they have ramps instead of steps leading to the walk in doggie tubs! This makes washing your dog much easier on your back! They have 3 shampoos and one conditioner connected to the tubs sprayer sy...
— Amanda Goodall, Posted October 27th 2021 on google
Great dog self wash and dog snack place
— Roger Ryder, Posted October 13th 2021 on google
Always helpful.
— Cameron Garner, Posted July 18th 2021 on google
The coolest place ever for a dog lover ... owners Julie and John (and Justin) are terrific too!
— Charlie Searle, Posted June 21st 2021 on google
Great place to take your dogs! The area to wash your dogs is great and easy to use! Definitely come here if your wanting to give your dog a bathing. Lots of dog toys and food and treats to choose from so you'll basically find whatever your looking for. The staff are always very kind and helpful and easy going so starti...
— Zachary Miller, Posted April 9th 2021 on google
All the groomers are awesome and very patient w/ shy animals, they truly love these pets. I would recommend these folks to anyone.
— Justin Mcgarrity, Posted April 2nd 2021 on google
Our dogs favorite place for a thorough groom & frozen bones! They treat every pet as if it was their own.
— Tucker Reddy, Posted February 27th 2021 on google
This place is great! Everyone is very nice and knowledgeable. Lana took great care of my pup and this is now our go to place!
— Cole Smith, Posted February 10th 2021 on google
They do a good job clipping my dog's nails.
— Layne Cosloff, Posted February 10th 2021 on google
If you need your dogs nails clipped, this is the place to go! Charlie has done our baby's nails for the last year and he does such a good job with them, he is confident and quick and has a very calm energy that helps put Nala at ease. She is terrified of anything to do with her feet after some gnarly hip surgeries ...
— Maggie S., Posted January 14th 2021 on yelp
Great option particularly for larger shedding dogs like our Lab. Our dog is not a fan of baths, and managing her at home in a tub would be a disaster for everyone. With the setup here at Wag N Wash, it's a quick an easy job to get our Lab clean and keep her stress to a minimum. This will definitely be our place for kee...
— Dave Gustafson, Posted December 30th 2020 on google
Great place. Dogs loved the self wash and I did too! Reasonable price and east peasy!
— Shaunna Pate, Posted December 27th 2020 on google
Looks clean and very polite people..
— Angela Brotzman, Posted November 19th 2020 on google
We picked up a cake for Coco’s first birthday and not only did they have one already made, but it was packaged up and ready to go when I got there. It was so beautiful! Our dogs loved it. It smelled pretty good, too! We also picked up some snacks and a toy for Coco while I was there. The toy is something I’ve never...
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted October 18th 2020 on facebook