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KDVR-TV Features Wag N’ Wash Littleton

KDVR-TV features Wag N' Wash Littleton
Published on: August 14, 2018

Wag N’ Wash Littleton Store Manager Mike Gacek appeared on a segment of Colorado’s Best on KDVR Denver last week with Co-host Joana Canals.

Mike and Joana talked about customized Wag Cakes for birthdays and how couples have ordered gender reveal cakes so companion animals can participate in the big family announcement.

Mike and his companion, Charina, also demonstrated how dogs can carry some of their own hiking and camping supplies with back packs. There are also cooling packs to help keep furry friends cool on the trail.

How to cope with anxiety from thunder storms, other loud noises and car rides was also discussed.

See the full segment: KDVR Colorado’s Best