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It’s RAWgust!

Pet nutrition
Published on: August 7, 2019

Your average “pet holiday” calendar may include all sorts of zany holidays (like “If Pets Had Thumbs Day“). “RAWgust,” though, is one holiday we can really get behind at Wag N’ Wash!  It promotes adding more raw foods to our diets, which really means less “processed” food for us (not so much the raw meat).  Because we believe in providing the absolute best for your companion, we want them to enjoy RAwgust too!  But, what is “raw” for our companions?  Are we talking steak tar-tar and garden greens?  Not exactly.  But in terms of nutrition for your companions, we’re not that far off.

Same Difference Pet nutrition

You may have heard the phrase “biologically appropriate” when talking raw food options.  This is simply a reference to what our canine and feline companions would be eating if not for human intervention.  They would hunt and eat small game (uncooked, of course!) much like their larger ancestors.  While we can’t let our companions out to roam freely and catch their own food, we can provide the next best thing.

Knowing what to get, however, can be half the battle.  Sure, you could get your companion a couple cutlets of USDA Prime Angus goodness, but that might not be sustainable and may be more time-consuming.  Plus, raw meats contain bacteria.  Fortunately, many of these can be eliminated through the raw preservation processes used in some our raw food options.  And (win-win) these processes allow the meats, fruits, and veggies to retain most of their raw nutrients.

Pet nutritionUnder Pressure

One method of obtaining these safer raw food options is through “high-pressure processing” (or “HPP”).  It’s exactly what it sounds like: the ingredients are put under enormous physical pressure (up to 87,000lbs per square inch!), and kept there for a few minutes.  This extreme pressure is enough to kill much of the bacteria (like salmonella, E. coli, and listeria) that could be found in the raw ingredients.*  HPP allows us to serve raw in kibble/nugget form, and more safely give our companions the raw nutrients they deserve (without a trip to the butcher).

From the Freezer Pet nutrition

Another common option among our raw varieties, is “freeze-dried.”  Although the actual steps are more complex, the name is pretty straightforward: the raw ingredients are frozen, put under low pressure, and the moisture (now ice) extracted.  As a result, the shelf-life of the finished food is greatly increased.  And the flavor, and structure (and “raw!”), are better maintained versus other dehydrating options.

Of course, you could also grab a frozen marrow bone: they make a great raw treat/chew for your companion!  Or, maybe some frozen goat’s milk?  Since there’s no pasteurization process, it’s completely raw (and a great digestive aid)!  If you’re still curious about different varieties of raw foods we carry for your companion, check out our other blog!

And don’t hesitate to ask a pet expert at your local Wag N’ Wash about incorporating raw foods into your companion’s diet this RAWgust, and beyond!