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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide
Published on: November 23, 2019

2019 Holiday Gift Guide:  The Furry Friend Edition

Kristen Wellen, Vice President of Marketing, Wag N’ Wash.

If you’re like me, you have a laundry list of individuals to shop for this holiday season.  Many on this list include those I love … with fur. Gifting friends and family during the holidays is wonderful, but gifting their furry companions is even sweeter.  To help kick off your holiday shopping, I’ve compiled my top 10 Wag N’ Wash gift ideas when shopping for the paws you love.

Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Gift Cards

What better treat than to purchase a gift card for a spa treatment at Wag N’ Wash.  From our self-wash with multiple shampoo options for various skin and coat needs to our full-service grooming with add on options like a blueberry facial, a gift card helps a companion start 2020 on the right paw.

  1. Stocking Stuffers

From biscuits made in our in-house bakery, to no-hide dog chews, to bakery items sold in our deli case, Wag N’ Wash has the answer to filling up a stocking from Santa. 

  1. Holiday Meals

Have you ever made your companion a plate of the same food you’re having at the holidays?  I have.  And it wasn’t good.  We forget that common ingredients in our favorite foods (however bland) can be harmful to our dog or cat’s digestive system.  Instead of the risk, I now purchase in-house made items at Wag N’ Wash.  From peanut butter pies, pumpkin paws to turkey loaves, Wag N’ Wash offers multiple options for your companion to have their own tummy-safe holiday feast!

Holiday Gift Guide

  1. The Little Things

From CBD oils and treats that treat anxiety or joint pain to dental chews or bites to cure the one with stinky breath, Wag N’ Wash offers a multitude of additional supplements for life with our loved ones.  The staff at Wag N’ Wash is knowledgeable and can help you discover the best items for your companion’s needs. 

  1. Holiday Apparel

What sophisticated gentleman wouldn’t have a new bow tie for a festive gathering?  None that I know of.  The furry men in my life always have a bandanna, holiday collar, bow tie or vest to show off their holiday cheer.  Wag N’ Wash offers items for the ladies too.  With all the holiday sparkle one needs.

  1. Blankets/Beds

My favorite gift to give my dogs is a new, cozy blanket each year.  Mainly because by the time the holidays come around, the blanket given the year prior is a dark, distant version of its original self, loved for 365 glorious days.  A new bed is another great idea, to start the new year off right.

  1. Raw Delight

Have you ever thought what your dog or cat would eat in the wild?  Definitely not kibble!  Wag N’ Wash offers various Raw options that are more biologically appropriate for our companions.  From frozen items like goat’s milk, to marrow bones, to frozen patties and bites.  An item from our freezer may be the gift your companion was wishing for!

  1. Toys

We’ve got it all – cuddly toys, tough toys, balls, ball launchers, ropes, talking toys, indoor and outdoor, Wag N’ Wash has what you need.  We offer intelligent and interactive toys that help keep your companion’s curiosity occupied when you can’t.

Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Toppers

We’ve talked about raw options, but another great treat is a topper to add to your pets kibble.  From wet options you can pour over to our freeze-dried dehydrated options that you can add with a bit of water, toppers are a wonderful gift of nutrition to give to a companion during the holidays.

  1. The Unexpected

At Wag N’ Wash, we offer rare items for your pet that you won’t find anywhere else.  From Ostrich Bones for those chewers who can eat through anything, to our peacock feathers for the cats who need a more glamorous teaser game.  Wag N’ Wash has what you need to surprise your loved ones this year!