Why Wag N' Wash Pet Franchises?

Last Time We Checked The Internet Can't Wash Your Dog

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We Provide A Curated, One-stop-shop Experience

Big-box retailers and online stores don't come close to us.

People have questions that can't be answered by an online FAQ or a list of consumer reviews. We provide reassurance and expertise. Our Pet Franchise Team Members know each product and service we offer down to every detail and can offer advice based on dogs' and cats' individual needs.

That's what makes us better.

A pup enjoying the benefits of a Wag N' Wash pet fanchise.

Why Own A
Wag N' Wash Pet Franchise?

Dog Grooming Franchise


Wag N' Wash gives pet owners a highly-personalized, "one-stop-shop" experience they'd never be able to replicate with a big-box pet store or an online retailer.

Dog Grooming Franchise


Our convenient, all-in-one pet retail center combines expert product knowledge and guidance with genuine love and concern for all the pets we meet.

Dog Grooming Franchise


A lower investment compared with other pet franchises means greater potential for strong returns. (In 2020, our average gross sales were $1,519,199*!)

Dog Grooming Franchise


Our Pet Franchise Owners enjoy a high customer retention rate thanks to our well-informed, personable staff and fun, customized experience that just can't be replicated online.

Dog Grooming Franchise


Unlike other pet-related franchise concepts, Wag N' Wash has availability nationwide, including "hot" markets like Texas, Washington, and Oregon.

Helping Pets… Giving Back

Giving back to the communities we serve has been a top priority for us since the day we opened our first Wag N' Wash Pet Store Franchise location. Wag N' Wash Franchise Owners make a major impact on the lives of people and animals in their area through these important initiatives:

Pet grooming franchises - loyalty program.

Loyalty Program

As a “thank you” for making Wag N' Wash a success, we gave back over $500,000 to customers utilizing our V.I.P. Rewards loyalty program in 2019!

Pet adoption with Wag N' Wash.

Pet Adoption

Since our founding, Wag N' Wash Pet Store Franchise has helped facilitate over 3,000 dogs and cats find loving “furever” homes through pet adoption events!

Nonprofit donations to Wag N' Wash pet franchises.

Nonprofit Donations

In 2019 we gave back over $100K to local nonprofits that share our goal of enhancing the quality of life for pets and their guardians.

Freedome service dogs with Wag N' Wash.

Freedom Service Dogs

Since 2019, Wag N' Wash Pet Store Franchise has helped raise $17,000 for Freedom Service Dogs, an organization that provides service dogs for veterans who have made life-altering sacrifices for our country.

Why Wag N' Wash?

You’re Probably Reading This Because You Have The Same Three Passions That We Do:

If you have a passion for pets Wag N' Wash pet franchise is a great place to start.


You love animals generally, but cats and/or dogs in particular.

If you love helping new pet owners Wag N' Wash pet frachise is the place for you.


You’re excited about helping customers with all their pet care needs.

If you are thrilled at the idea of running a pet franchise start at Wag N' Wash.


You’re thrilled at the idea of running a business that offers value and novelty to your community.

If those interests are what attracted you to our site, you’ll love learning about this exciting career opportunity with us here at Wag N' Wash.

A Thriving Industry

The pet care industry (link to the page Pet Care Industry) has followed a steady upward trajectory over the past 30 years. Because people value pets as highly as they do family members, pet franchises tend to remain unaffected by economic ups and downs. The need for comfort and companionship has risen dramatically-in the past year, animal adoption has increased by more than 110%, with New York City shelters seeing more than 1,000% boost in applications!

At Wag N' Wash, it’s business as usual since pets continually require care and nourishment. With more people owning pets than ever before, it’s anticipated that the pet care sector will see unprecedented growth in years to come.

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Our Unique Products

Unlike other pet franchises that sell products full of mystery ingredients and dog food with poor nutritional value, we only sell healthy, high quality products. As consumers become more conscious about their own personal health, there has been a demand for more nutritious, natural products for their pets as well. That’s why our supply of pet foods, fresh baked dog treats, fun toys, and non-allergenic grooming products are flying off the shelves!

As a one-stop-shop boutique with premium retail products and services, we are in a class of our own that sets us apart from any other pet franchise out there (link to page A Comparison of Top Pet Franchises). Within this niche, we are seeing incredible success!

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Owner dog food shopping at Wag N' Wash pet franchise.

A Brilliant Business Model

Behind any successful enterprise is a well-thought-out business model that supports the entire infrastructure. After more than twenty years of working in this industry, we’ve got our systems polished to perfection.

Not just any pet franchise can have you open for business within 6-12 months for as little as $425,050. With a franchise fee of $45,000, liquid capital of $200,000 and a net worth of $500,000, you can open your own Wag N' Wash in no time.

Our Franchise Owners enjoy the high returns (link to page How Much Can I Make?) that come with operating one of our stores. They are seeing average gross revenues at $1,600,972 with ROI coming in quickly. That’s a lotta doggie biscuits!

We’ve got a unique corner on the market (link to page Establishing a Niche in the Pet Care Industry) with our array of upscale products and quality services. As a curated boutique unlike any other, our pet franchise provides multiple revenue streams.

  • Grooming

    We have a self-wash station pet owners can use in-store, and we offer professional grooming and nail trimming services as well.

  • Nutrition

    Our line of all-natural pet foods and gourmet bakery are two of the reasons customers are drawn to Wag N' Wash. We can even bake custom birthday cakes for beloved canines and felines!

  • Supplies

    Whether it’s durable chew toys, interactive cat toys, pet accessories or washing and grooming products, we have a huge selection of retail items to choose from.

  • Customer Service

    One of our most valuable services can be found in our knowledgeable staff at Wag N' Wash. Being able to advise a pet owner on-the-spot is a priceless commodity that no online giant can compete with.

If washing, feeding and spoiling pets is right up your alley, you may have just found your next career here with us (link to page The Perfect Opportunity for Pet Lovers) at Wag N' Wash. However, if you’d rather not play such a hands-on role, you can successfully operate a pet franchise by leaving the day-to-day affairs to a qualified manager allowing you to take advantage of the semi-absentee option.

Once you’re on board with the Wag N' Wash franchise, we will help you get your store open and running as fast as possible. Our real estate team will help you search for the perfect location, while our construction team assists you in finding a general contractor and managing the entire project from start to finish. Franchise Owners enjoy these all-inclusive benefits for teaming up with us:

  • Training

    After your beautiful, new pet franchise has been built, we will train you (link to page on Training) on how to run your store effectively. With two educational phases that consist of classroom instruction and on-the-job training, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the industry and running a successful pet franchise.

  • Field Support

    You’ll be assigned a Franchise Relations Expert (like a personal Guide Dog) who will support you with operations and visit you three to four times onsite annually to assess progress and offer assistance wherever needed.

  • Marketing & Advertising

    From local advertising to social media and other online resources, our marketing team will help you effectively capture the attention of your local community.

Those are the central ingredients to our success, but really, it’s each one of our amazing Franchise Owners that is leading to growth and expansion. We are so grateful for their dedicated efforts to make Wag N' Wash the best pet franchise around.

Consider Starting With A Partnership

Jeff and Dan, the co-founders of Wag N' Wash, understand how partnerships can mean the difference between failure and success when it comes to business. Without each other to rely on, their dream may never have been achieved. Wag N' Wash is the perfect opportunity for a partnership. Those who invest with a partner will benefit in many ways.

More Capital

An initial investment into any business can quickly drain the pockets of a sole investor. With two sources of income, start-up costs are much more feasible. With two individuals covering initial finances, there could be excess capital for future investments.

Additional Support

Besides splitting financial requirements, a partner is also available to share the workload. An extra set of hands allows work to flow smoothly and keep everything on schedule. With a partner to delegate tasks to, operating a business won’t become too burdensome.

Double The Experience

Successful partnerships consist of two entrepreneurs who balance each other out. Where you have weaknesses, the other will have strengths, and vice versa. A second perspective is also helpful when it comes to making important decisions. With a solid partnership, you’ll have double the experience, skills, and resources on which you can depend.

Work Life Balance

Work is important, but we all need time for other things as well. Maintaining a “pawsitive” work/life balance is difficult when running a business on your own. With a partner, enjoying a more flexible schedule is possible. By supporting each other and sharing tasks, you can ensure there is always time for family, pets, and personal pursuits.

At Wag N' Wash, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work! However, we are proud to assist Franchise Owners with whatever help may be needed at every phase of development, whether they’re going solo or investing together.

Find Fulfillment Through Community Service

The Wag N' Wash pet franchise was founded on the premise of spending more time with those we love-not just people, but the animals that we think of as family. We know that without support from our communities, our pet franchise could never have become what it is today. An integral piece of our business model is giving back to the community, and we do that in three primary ways.

Our pet franchise proudly offers a V.I.P. rewards program by way of coupons, free food programs and in-store promotions. These savings add up to a grand total of $500,000 a year!

Our founders have helped find ‘furever’ homes for over 3,000 dogs and cats through our adoption events. When our customers are able to find the perfect match through such events, the companionship that comes as a result is priceless. We’ve also helped raise $17,000 for an organization called Freedom Service Dogs, pairing dogs with veterans as a way to help service men and women reacclimate.

After a couple of decades in business, we like to thank the communities we belong to by donating to local nonprofit organizations that align with our values. We love supporting like-minded organizations within our neighborhoods!

Through fundraisers, charity events, pet adoptions and donations, Wag N' Wash works hard to give back to local communities. We are so appreciative of the joy our pet friends bring to our lives and we find fulfillment (link to page A Fulfilling Career) in sharing that joy with others. As a Wag N' Wash pet Franchise Owner, you’ll have the ability to support animals and pet lovers near you.

Why franchise with Wag N' Wash.

Your Future With Wag N' Wash

If you’re crazy about dogs, have a background in business management and customer service, and are driven to have a significant impact on your community, you’re just the person we’re looking for (link to page The Ideal Candidate)!

Is this an opportunity that resonates with you? Here’s what to expect moving forward (link to page The Process Timeline). We invite you to fill out a confidential questionnaire so you can start the application process. Those who qualify will receive a call from a Wag N' Wash representative who will answer any questions you may have and get to know you better. Further down the road, you’ll enter Wag University where you’ll receive 64 hours of classroom instruction which will be followed by 166 hours of onsite training.

Once training is complete, you’ll be given an 80 question, comprehensive exam that covers what you learned. Even then, the training never ends at Wag N' Wash! We believe ongoing education is key to remaining relevant and successful. Is this just the opportunity you’ve been looking for? If so, we’d love to have you join our team!

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