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Over the last several years we’ve learned that there is an incredible demand for healthy and high quality pet foods and products. Wag N’ Wash has become one of the most trusted names in pet retail in all of the communities in which we operate. Our pet supplies franchise continues to experience year-over-year revenue gains and you can experience your potential inside this industry with our pet store franchise opportunities.

Wag N’ Wash also offers unique opportunities in the pet supplies franchise market. We provide high quality foods, professional grooming, a self-service wash and a vast array of products that are personally selected for your companion animals. Wag N’ Wash maintains the necessary elements to capitalize on this resilient, yet growing industry with huge potential.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in our pet business opportunities, it’s important to know the numbers for getting started. Your average investment to get fully up and running is $449,950*. Our FDD, including our Item 19, contains all of the sales and financial performance numbers from our open locations, as well as a detailed description of our business model. It provides AUV numbers for stores open two or more years, and provides specific PnL statements from each of the corporate stores.

The average investment to get fully up and running is $449,950*. This includes the franchise fee of $49,500*-$103,950*, real estate, build-out costs, training expenses, initial advertising and marketing, signage, equipment, inventory and supplies, grand opening costs, three months of living costs, and other expenditures to get your business off the ground.

The Numbers

$99 billion

The Pet Industry Net Worth in 2020


Average Ticket Price


Estimated Net Margins: Grooming


Average Gross Revenue

$425,050 ā€“ $789,350*

Total Investment

*Refer to 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19

Huge Revenue Increases

The Wag N’ Wash pet supplies franchise has seen a huge increase in revenues and rapid expansion over the last several years. Year over year sales for locations open for two years or more was a 7% increase this past year. The pet retail industry is currently generating over $66 billion annually with projections of reaching over $96 billion by 2020. To date, Wag N’ Wash stores are, on average, experiencing annual gross revenue of $1,519,199*, and 57% of our pet store Franchise Owners have met or surpassed that average.

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