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Have you ever dreamed of a job where you could bring your dog to work everyday? Wag N’ Wash is here to offer you something even better - a job that is all about dogs! With a pet supplies franchise, you’ll get to meet countless dogs everyday. If you’re an animal lover, what job could be better?

In addition to being a pet lover’s dream job, Wag N’ Wash is also a great opportunity to own a successful business! Wag N’ Wash is part of the extremely profitable pet industry, which is expected to reach $96 billion by 2020. This highly resilient industry remains unaffected by economic downturns - many people view their pets as children and are willing to pay more for better services and products. With four streams of revenue - retail, doggie bakery, full-service grooming, and self-service wash - Wag N’ Wash has been able to capitalize on the best of the pet industry. Customers love that they can find everything they need for their furry friends in one location, leading to higher customer loyalty. The dog-friendly atmosphere of Wag N’ Wash has gained popularity, causing us to be a nationally recognized brand. Consumers of the pet industry expect quality products and services when they walk into our locations and we always happily comply. Does the potential of owning a Wag N’ Wash have your tail wagging? We are searching for business savvy, animal loving entrepreneurs to join our pet supplies franchise!

Why Own A
Wag N' Wash Pet Franchise?

Dog Grooming Franchise


Wag N' Wash gives pet owners a highly-personalized, "one-stop-shop" experience they'd never be able to replicate with a big-box pet store or an online retailer.

Dog Grooming Franchise


Our convenient, all-in-one pet retail center combines expert product knowledge and guidance with genuine love and concern for all the pets we meet.

Dog Grooming Franchise


A lower investment compared with other pet franchises means greater potential for strong returns. (In 2020, our average gross sales were $1,519,199*!)

Dog Grooming Franchise


Our Pet Franchise Owners enjoy a high customer retention rate thanks to our well-informed, personable staff and fun, customized experience that just can't be replicated online.

Dog Grooming Franchise


Unlike other pet-related franchise concepts, Wag N' Wash has availability nationwide, including "hot" markets like Texas, Washington, and Oregon.

"The industry was begging for a local & personal approach to pet care. We successfully answered that call."

Dan and Jef
Wag N' Wash Founders Wag N' Wash Founders

The Numbers

$99 billion

The Pet Industry Net Worth in 2020


Average Ticket Price


Estimated Net Margins: Grooming


Average Gross Revenue

$226,050 - $673,850*

Total Investment

*Refer to 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19

Wag N' Wash - The Best Pet Supplies Franchise

What makes Wag N’ Wash stand out from other pet supplies franchises in the pet industry? We offer only the best of pet supplies to our customers so they know they can count on us for quality and value. Unlike another dog grooming franchise that sell mystery ingredient, poor nutritional value dog food, we only sell healthy, high quality dog foods. As consumers become more conscious about their own personal health, there has been a demand for healthier, more natural products for their pets as well. Customers also love our on-site doggy bakery where we bake fresh dog treats made from all-natural, organic ingredients. Dogs go wild over the taste and customers are happy to give their friend a healthy treat. As dog lovers ourselves, our focus is to provide quality products and quality services to other dog lovers. Customers know they can count on us for the best, because we provide only the best.

An Opportunity to
Wag Your Tail About

You can’t go wrong with our pet supplies franchise. But don’t take our word for it - just take a look at our excellent unit economics. On average, our locations bring in $1,519,199* annually and the multibillion dollar pet industry only continues to grow. All of this success can be yours with an industry low investment of only $226,050* - $673,850*! To learn more about our dog-friendly, successful dog grooming franchise, feel free to contact us today.

Dog grooming franchise at Wag N' Wash.

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