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Our pet store franchise is a unique opportunity in the booming pet care industry.

Industry Highlights:

  • Americans spent $103.6 billion on their pets in 2020, for expenses including food, treats, grooming, supplies, medicines and supplements, training, and more.
  • Industry experts predict a 5.7% increase in sales for 2021.
  • The industry is recession resilient and has seen steady growth in the past three decades.
  • 67% of all U.S. households (or 84.9 million homes) have at least one pet!

Dogs and cats are the favorite companion animals for North American homeowners -- 42.7 million homeowners are cat people, while another 63.4 million share their homes with dogs. These pets are family members, and their needs are essential. Thanks to the adoration of “fur babies,” pet spend has remained unaffected by economic ups and downs.

Wag N' Wash — An Opportunity to Bark About

If you’ve spent some time researching the various pet store franchises out there, you may feel overwhelmed. How do you know which one is the best? Wag N' Wash is leading the industry because we offer way more than your typical pet franchise!

While other pet franchises focus on one industry niche, Wag N' Wash is proud to be a one-stop-shop that provides everything pet owners and their companion animals need. By focusing on multiple streams of revenue, we provide our Franchise Owners with incredible income opportunities.

Natural Pet Food

Food alone accounts for slightly more than a third of the entire market, with $23 billion spent on pet food annually. The fastest-growing segment of the industry is the natural foods market, coinciding with a general demand for healthy living products.

According to industry experts, there is a strong connection between pet food and human food trends. The shift in consumer diet habits towards healthier, organic, and natural preferences was quickly reflected in the pet food industry. Pet owners are demanding alternative options to the mystery-ingredient commercial brand kibble that has been a staple for so long.

Various studies have shown the detrimental effects of low-quality food options on pet health. Pet owners are spending more on natural, raw, and grain-free options that offer nutritious, high-quality ingredients for their companion animals.

Natural Pet Food

At Wag N' Wash, our line of all-natural pet foods is one reason so many customers shop with us.

  • Healthy dry and grain-free kibbles
  • Raw food meals
  • Freeze-dried and dehydrated options
  • Canned foods

Franchise Owners also get the chance to wow their customers with freshly baked gourmet dog biscuits, cookies and birthday cakes! We take pet nutrition seriously and bake every treat with the freshest, human-grade ingredients. There are not many other pet store franchises out there that offer gourmet doggie treats along with the highest quality selection of natural pet foods.

Dog Grooming

Pet owners love to treat their pal to full-service grooming treatments : lather, wash, rinse, repeat! While a clean smell is the main benefit for pet owners, dogs that receive frequent grooming have healthier, shinier coats. Certain long-hair breeds require regular grooming for detangling and trimming.

Wag N' Wash first opened its doors in 1999 as a dog wash facility. Grooming is the cornerstone of our pet store franchise , and we now offer full-service grooming along with our self-wash stations.

  • Professional Grooming
  • Customers drop their dogs off for grooming and run errands while Fido enjoys his “spa day.” Our groomers spend quality time with all pets, making sure they are squeaky clean and happy! Full-service grooming appointments only take about 3 hours; we do not use kennels or board dogs overnight.

  • Self-Wash Stations
  • The self-service wash is a great option for customers with a lower budget. With a variety of shampoos to choose from, our self-wash stations promise a fur-busting, fun bonding session.

    The Numbers

    $99 billion

    The Pet Industry Net Worth in 2020


    Average Ticket Price


    Estimated Net Margins: Grooming


    Average Gross Revenue

    $425,050 – $789,350*

    Total Investment

    *Refer to 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19

    Pet Supplies

    The Millennial Generation accounts for the largest percentage of pet ownership, and they are also the group most likely to purchase clothing, toys, and other supplies for their pets.

    Each Wag N' Wash pet supplies franchise has a retail store that sells quality toys, clothing, gear, and pet accessories. From fetchers and puzzles to soft beds and fluffy blankets, we have the coolest pet supplies. Every pet deserves to be spoiled, and customers go crazy in our pet franchise when they see all the goodies we have on sale!

    A Foundation of Success

    Establishing strong revenue sources, developing secure relationships with quality suppliers, training our Franchise Owners, and providing them with incredible support systems is the solid business model that we have been able to build a foundation of success on.

    Wag N' Wash existed as a corporation for seven years before the Founders decided to franchise. Their collective knowledge and experience allowed them to establish a franchise that quickly found success -- there are now 17 locations nationwide.

    Wag N' Wash Franchise Owners also benefit from

    There are many advantages of franchising with the high amount of animals in the USA.

    Favorable Economics

    Our AUV is something to bark about , and our investment range is an industry-low starting point.

    There are many advantages of franchising with Wag N' Wash because more than half of households have pets.

    Customer Care

    Our training program focuses on the importance of customer service, and we ensure all Owners know how to hire a friendly, informed staff.

    Nonprofit donations to Wag N' Wash pet franchises.


    Customers choose Wag N' Wash because we stand far out from the competition thanks to our innovative concepts and high-quality product selection.

    Franchising with Wag N' Wash has many advantages becuase of the amount of money spent on pets.

    Market Availability

    While Wag N' Wash is now an established brand, we have plenty of availability nationwide. Various “hot markets,” like Texas and Washington, remain wide open.

    Besides the economic benefits, what makes us most happy at Wag N' Wash are the smiling faces and wagging tails of our customers. All of our Franchise Owners have expressed joy in having a career that allows them to connect with other pet owners and give back to their community.

    This Canine-Centered Career Creates Community Connection

    There’s nothing more rewarding in a career than the fulfillment that comes from giving back to the community you serve.

    Wag N' Wash was founded on a principle of love -- for dogs, the people that love them, and the sense of community they create. We built these principles right into our business model to ensure that the Franchise Owners we partner with could experience the joy of a community-centered career. While returns are certainly a benefit thanks to our incredible AUV, what our current Franchise Owners are most thankful for is their ability to give back to:


    Our customers are the ones who help us succeed, and they are our number one priority. Every store has a loyalty program, and together we give back over $500,000 annually directly to our customers. Coupons, rewards, free food programs, and in-house promotions are our way to say “thanks” to our biggest fans!

    Companion Animals

    We love pets as much as the customers that frequent our store do, and we are always looking for ways to spread that love. We frequently hold adoption fairs at our various locations to help cats and dogs find new forever homes.


    The customers that walk through our doors daily are part of our larger local communities. We like to support our communities by donating to local nonprofits that align with our values. From donations and raffles to fundraisers, we do all that we can to help local groups and pet organizations.

    Pet Retail Remains Viable, Even In An Online World

    While online sales dominate many industries, they make up the smallest portion of sales for the Pet Care Industry.

    With increased pet ownership and larger market share, big-box stores and online retailers have exploded on the pet care scene. The downsides of the convenience these shopping models provide are fewer product options and a lack of customer experience. The modern pet owner demands quality foods and products. Wag N' Wash fits this niche perfectly and stands out from the competition as a local, quality provider of pet needs.

    Stores that offer an enjoyable customer experience and quality products are more likely to attract loyal customers. While competitors, like PetSmart, have given into the trend of online shopping, we have stuck true to our business model of high-quality supplies and incredible customer service. Wag N' Wash is a fun space where customers can shop, interact with salespeople, and bond with their pets.

    Join Our Family Today

    Wag N' Wash began franchising to provide people and their pets with quality products and an unforgettable experience. With this goal in mind, we created a successful pet store franchise that brings joy to communities across this nation.

    We are offering this exciting pet business opportunity to business-savvy entrepreneurs like you that want to experience the benefits of a “pawsitive”, pet-centered career. Are you ready to grow with us?

    Dog grooming franchise at Wag N' Wash.

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