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Wag N' Wash is made up of pet franchises that have set the standard for high quality supply and services in the pet industry. By providing customers with all their pet needs in one place, we have been able to build a solid brand loyalty. We have answered the high demand for quality pet products with all natural foods, fresh baked dog treats, and allergen free soaps and shampoos.

Our dedication to customer service and our quality selection of products has led to explosive growth, marked by an AUV of $1,531,045. This success didn’t happen overnight, however. It took more than a decade and a solid partnership. Jef and Dan, the two co-Founders of Wag N' Wash, understand how partnerships can make the difference between failure and success when it comes to business. Without each other to rely on, their dream may never have been realized.

Wag N' Wash pet store business.

Wag N' Wash Franchise Owners get to blend their work days with the enjoyment of being surrounded by lovable, cuddly companions all the time. Hear Franchise Owners explain their experiences and how Wag N' Wash turned their work days into play days

With 19 locations currently open, there are plenty of territories available for those interested in our pet business opportunities. Wag N' Wash is the perfect opportunity for a partnership; those who invest with a partner will benefit from:

More Capital

An initial investment into any business can quickly drain the pockets of a sole investor. With two sources of income, start-up costs are much more feasible. At Wag N' Wash, we have worked hard to keep start up costs low so that our pet business opportunities are more accessible. Our investment range of $425,050 - $789,350 will cover the basics needed to open one of our pet franchises. With two individuals covering initial finances, there should be more capital for future investments.

Additional Support

Besides sharing finances, a partner is also available to manage the workload. An extra set of hands allows work to flow smoothly and keep everything on schedule. With a partner to delegate tasks to, operating a business doesn’t become too overwhelming.

Double the Experience

Successful partnerships consist of two entrepreneurs that balance each other out. Where you have weaknesses, your partner will have strengths, and vice versa. An extra perspective is also helpful when it comes to making important decisions. With a solid partnership, you’ll have double the experience, skills, and resources.

Work Life Balance

Work is important but we all need time at home to play with our dogs! Maintaining a pawsitive work life balance is difficult when running a business, particularly if you’re doing it all alone. With a partner, managing a flexible schedule is easier. By supporting each other and sharing tasks, you can ensure there is always time for family, pets, and personal pursuits.

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Are you excited about our pet business opportunities? The benefits of investing with a partner are only amplified by our robust support program. At Wag N' Wash, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work and we are proud to assist our Franchise Owners with training, marketing, field support, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our team.

Dog enjoying Wag N' Wash pet store business.

Dog grooming franchise at Wag N' Wash.

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Dog grooming franchise.
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Dog grooming franchise.
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