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Why Wag N' Wash Pet Store Franchise?

Whether it’s the Christmas music playing in every store, or the twinkle of lights as you drive through your neighborhood, you’re probably feeling that ever-infectious Christmas cheer. Everyone deserves a gift on this wonderful holiday - even yourself. If you’ve been considering an investment opportunity, why not start the new year off right with pet franchises? Wag N' Wash is a pet business opportunity that will have you decking the “paws” this holiday and bringing cheer and joy into your life for many years to come.

Our pet store franchise offers customers high quality pet supplies, professional grooming services, and one of a kind treats from our pet bakery. We are a different kind of franchise made up of individuals who love four legged customers just as much as two legged. By creating a unique space where customers can find everything they need to feed, spoil, wash, and love their pets, we have developed a fiercely loyal consumer base.

Wag N' Wash pet store franchise.

Pet owners are demanding higher quality products now more than ever and we have responded to that demand by offering the highest quality pet supplies on the market: all natural and organic pet foods, fresh baked dog treats, fun toys and gear, and non-allergenic grooming products. This holiday season customers will also be happy to find special Christmas inspired treats for their beloved pets. Gift yourself this holiday season by becoming part of our uniquely successful pet franchises.


The demand for high quality retailers is growing because people are more knowledgeable about the health and wellbeing of their companion pets.

High Quality Supply

We need partners who deeply care for their business, are passionate about animals and providing exceptional customer service, and can execute our business model flawlessly.

High Quality Demand

The demand for healthier and higher quality pet foods and products is growing. We continue to experience year-over-year sales gains of 7% (for stores open two or more years).

Investing in the Future
With a Pet Store Franchise

An investment into the Wag N' Wash pet store franchise is the gift that will keep on giving for years and years. Our unique business model has allowed us to continually experience year-over-year sales increases of 7% and our Franchise Owners bring in about $1.6 million in average annual sales. This success can be yours, too. When you join our pet franchise, you’ll have access to our entire business model, all of our premium products, and an extensive Wag N' Wash training process. We take care of everyone in the Wag N' Wash family - you’ll have the full backing of our support team as a Franchise Owner. An investment into our success is an investment into your own success. By partnering with us, you can prepare for the future and experience the joy of a successful career - that’s something to wag your tail about!

The investment cost of our pet franchise is an industry low and offers the possibility to achieve a quick ROI. For just $425,050 - 789,350, you’ll have access to everything you need to get started with your very own pet store franchise.

Dog enjoying Wag N' Wash pet business opportunities.

A Great Partner

You'll succeed in being awarded a franchise, and become a successful business Owner if you are:

You're passionate about animals and serving as owner-operators to provide the best experience for companion pets and their human guardians.

You're willing to put a face to the brand and become part of your community. You're willing to think out-of-the-box, and put in the hours to create a successful business.

You're involved in the community and are always trying to give back. You're detail-oriented, allowing you to thrive under our business model.

You're experienced, knowledgeable, and willing to work collaboratively while still working individually to promote their store and their growth.

Waggin’ Around
the Christmas Tree

For the happiest of holidays, you can change your life with our pet business opportunity this Christmas. To learn more about the offer and how you can find success with our pet franchise, feel free to reach out for more information. From the Wag N' Wash family, we wish you a very merry Christmas.

5 Reasons
You Can't Go Wrong

See the full article and read the data here.

Dog Grooming Franchise


The pet industry seems to defy all the odds during periods of recession and has actually been affected very little by the economic crises experienced so far.

Dog Grooming Franchise


The last thing any entrepreneur wants is a seasonal business. Seasonal demand limits cash-flow to a couple of weeks per year, forcing you to stack up on inventory, which is not ideal.

Dog Grooming Franchise

Educated Customers

Some of the most innovative companies do not get funding because of the expense that it would take to educate the customer on what the product or service does and why it is so important.

Dog Grooming Franchise

Benefits From Science

Think about the naughtiest thing your dog ever did. Bet you don't hold a grudge. That's because dogs and cats have something called kinderschema. It means they have a large head with big eyes, big round ears — and that you'll forgive them anything.

Dog Grooming Franchise


Retail businesses expect an average margin anywhere above 60%. While pet food margins are mostly around 50%, popular items like toys can have 70%. Designer collars, luxury clothing and other items also have great margins, keeping the average margin high.

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Dog grooming franchise at Wag N' Wash.

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Dog grooming franchise.
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