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When it comes to franchising in the pet retail industry, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. How do you know which one is the best? If success is your determining factor, Wag N’ Wash is one of the highest performing pet store franchises with an AUV of $1.6 million. That’s something to wag your tail about! If your concern is service diversity, Wag N’ Wash is the winner with 4 distinct streams of revenue. And, finally, if you’re looking at product quality, you can trust Wag N’ Wash again. All of our products are healthy, natural and safe for pets. We have become the most successful pet franchises by sticking to these core values and we have quickly expanded to 24 open locations. We are looking to continue this growth with qualified individuals. Do you think you have what it takes to join our pet store franchise?

A pup enjoying the benefits of a Wag N' Wash pet store fanchise.

Why Own A
Wag N' Wash Pet Franchise?

Dog Grooming Franchise


Wag N' Wash gives pet owners a highly-personalized, "one-stop-shop" experience they'd never be able to replicate with a big-box pet store or an online retailer.

Dog Grooming Franchise


Our convenient, all-in-one pet retail center combines expert product knowledge and guidance with genuine love and concern for all the pets we meet.

Dog Grooming Franchise


A lower investment compared with other pet franchises means greater potential for strong returns. (In 2020, our average gross sales were $1,519,199*!)

Dog Grooming Franchise


Our Pet Franchise Owners enjoy a high customer retention rate thanks to our well-informed, personable staff and fun, customized experience that just can't be replicated online.

Dog Grooming Franchise


Unlike other pet-related franchise concepts, Wag N' Wash has availability nationwide, including "hot" markets like Texas, Washington, and Oregon.

Who We Look For

We didn’t become the most successful pet franchises over night. It took years of dedication, hard work, and lots of support from our four legged friends! Now that we’ve achieved such success, we are expanding our dog grooming franchise across the nation. If you would like to take advantage of these pet business opportunities, we look for the following qualities in potential Franchise Owners:

Pet Enthusiast

Wag N’ Wash is a dog grooming franchise that is catered towards pet owners and their four legged friends. We are dog (and cat) friendly so you can expect as many four legged customers as two in your store! As a Wag N’ Wash pet Franchise Owner, the number one requirement is that you must love dogs.

Good Work Ethic

Owning a pet store isn’t easy. We look to partner with individuals that have a strong work ethic and good organizational skills. As the Owner, your employees are looking up to you to set an example. You should have an outgoing, friendly personality and strong leadership skills.

Motivational Community Leader

You’re involved in your community, you have great networking skills, and your community looks up to you. You’re driven by success and you’re always looking for ways to give back.

Business Know How

Most importantly, you should have strong management skills and an entrepreneurial spirit, be a quick decision maker and a great salesperson. While hanging out with dogs and cats is a perk, the main priority of owning a Wag N’ Wash pet franchise is running a successful business.

A Great Partner

You’ll succeed in being awarded a franchise, and become a successful business Owner if you are:

If you have a passion for pets Wag N' Wash pet franchise is a great place to start.

A Pet Enthusiast

You’re passionate about animals and serving as owner-operators to provide the best experience for companion pets and their human guardians.

If you are outgoing & hardworking, Wag N' Wash pet frachise is the place for you.

Outgoing & Hard Working

You’re willing to put a face to the brand and become part of your community. You’re willing to think out-of-the-box, and put in the hours to create a successful business.

If you are a motivational leader, check out the opportunities at Wag N' Wash pet franchises.

A Motivational Leader

You’re involved in the community and are always trying to give back. You’re detail-oriented, allowing you to thrive under our business model.

If you are business savvy, Wag N' Wash pet franchise is the place for you.

Business Savvy

You’re experienced, knowledgeable, and willing to work collaboratively while still working individually to promote their store and their growth.

Join Our Pet Store Franchise Today

If you fit the above qualifications, we would love to hear from you! Our pet business opportunities are ones that you don’t want to miss. We want to partner with hands-on individuals who are proud to run a community focused pet store franchise. Whether you chose to be stationary store Owner at one location or manage multiple locations, our pet franchise business model can fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Dog grooming franchise at Wag N' Wash.

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Dog grooming franchise.
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Dog grooming franchise.
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Dog grooming franchise.
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