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Flanagan Discusses Franchising

Published on: March 28, 2019

In her April Franchise Times Living Large column Laura Michaels talks to Wag N’ Wash President & Pack Leader Rob Flanagan about how to avoid legal issues.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time, with open communication and a strong relationship” you can handle issues without resorting to legal action,” says Flanagan. Rob Flanagan“But this is franchising and that’s why there is a franchise agreement.”

Though Wag N’ Wash doesn’t have any litigation to disclose, Flanagan’s experience with other concepts has shown franchisees typically point to Item 7 (estimated initial investment) or Item 19 (financial performance representations) when they’re unhappy.

Wag N’ Wash also wants its franchisees to feel as comfortable as possible before signing the agreement and recommends candidates have a franchise attorney review the document and a CPA check the financials. When it’s time to select a location, “they have to have a real estate attorney review their lease, that’s written into our agreement,” says Flanagan.

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