We are open with adjustments. We're taking precautions to protect you and your families health.

We are open with adjustments. We're taking precautions to protect you and your families health.

Wag N' Wash - Eagan!

Full Service Grooming • Self-Wash • Bakery • Toys • Supplies • All-Natural Pet Food

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Wag N' WashEagan

1960 Cliff Lake Road Ste. 120, Eagan, Minnesota 55122

Mon - Fri 10am - 7pm
Sat - Sun 10am - 6pm
Curbside pickup AVAILABLE. At-home delivery for high-risk guests.
Grooming Now Scheduling From Waitlist!
Self-Wash OPEN Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm, Sat - Sun 10am - 5pm

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Monthly Deals at Wag N' Wash

Puppy Self-Wash when you sign-up to become a VIP member.
Puppy Self-Wash when you sign-up to become a VIP member.

For new puppies under 6 months old. Limit one per puppy. One puppy per customer. Valid Monday - Friday.

Expires: Aug 25th, 2021
Ultimate Self Wash with Nail Trim or Dremel
Ultimate Self Wash with Nail Trim or Dremel

Purchase a Nail trim or Dremel at normal price and receive an Ultimate Self Wash for $10. Valid at the Eagan location only

Expires: Jul 31st, 2021
 Ultimate Self Wash for New Customers When you Sign-Up to Become a VIP Member.
Ultimate Self Wash for New Customers When you Sign-Up to Become a VIP Member.

Free Ultimate Self-Wash for New Customers. Limit one coupon/dog per customer. Valid Monday - Friday.

Expires: Aug 25th, 2021

Upcoming Events at Wag N' WashWe are always doing fun events at Wag N' Wash

Including adoptions, holiday focused events and more! Check out our FB page to find out what events are upcoming.

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LoveemWe Love Your Companion Pet As Much As You Do!!!

We offer only the best in pet hygiene services and all-natural nutritional options as well as top of the line toys, supplies, and our very own gourmet bakery!

WashemProfessional Grooming & Self-Wash Stations

Self-Wash Self-Wash

Do-it-yourself dog wash and drying stations. No appointment necessary.

Grooming Grooming

Full service, professional grooming at every location. Schedule your groom today.

Nail Trim Nail Trim

Nail trims and grinding services in our Eagan Wag N' Wash store.

Request Grooming Appointment!Submit your request below for questions about our grooming services or to schedule your next grooming appointment with Wag N' Wash in Eagan, MN. We are so excited to see and your pet!

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Schedule your professional grooming service today. Walk-ins welcome for all self-wash stations!


Grooming Pricing

Full Service Grooming

For pricing and details, please contact your local store directly

Call for details


Self-Wash Pricing

Basic Wash

Includes an apron, brushes & combs, house shampoo, cream rinse, towels and dryer.


Premium Wash

Includes your choice of premium shampoos, cream rinse, leave-in coat shiner & skin moisturizer, cologne, apron, brushes & combs, towels & dryer.


Ultimate Wash

Includes shampoo, conditioner, leave-in coat shiner & skin moisturizer, cologne, apron, brushes & combs, towels & dryer.



Our specially formulated anti-shed shampoo and rejuvenating conditioner that will tighten pores and moisturize dry skin to help reduce shedding.


Nail Trim

Nail Trim Pricing

Nail Trim - Regular

Prevents painful splaying & splitting of your dog's nails. No appointment needed!


Nail Trim - Dremel

Grinding smooths out rough edges on your dog's nails to reduce scratches while keeping nails shorter for longer. No appointment needed!


Custom Dog Cakes from Our Gourmet Bakery

Time to celebrate another wonderful year of unconditional love and companionship? We've got the cake for you at our dog bakery! Okay, it's really for your dog, but they won't mind sharing with you! Birthday cakes are made by special order only.

Custom Cake Request

Dog Birthday Cake Bakery - Wag N' Wash

About us

Dan and Diane HutchisonWag N' Wash - Eagan, MN

Dan and Diane Hutchison are very excited about owning and operating Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming in Eagan, Minnesota!

Dan oversees day-to-day operations in the store and has been joined by daughter Kendra. Kendra's favorite part of the job is getting to interact with guest's beloved pets every day!

After 15 years of a wonderful life Bandit, their first rescue dog and family pet, passed away. Even though his presence cannot be replaced, the family is overjoyed to welcome the newest member to their family, Bama. Dan saw Bama on a news segment featuring a foster group rescue on WCCO in September 2017 and knew right then the family had to adopt this little puppy. Bama loves to join Dan at the store where he can sneak a treat or two while Dan is busy helping customers.

Dan and Diane - Wag N' Wash Eagan MN

The Hutchison's think Wag N' Wash is a truly unique concept that provides:

  • A one stop shop for nutritious and healthy food for dogs and cats
  • The ability to wash your companion without making a mess of your bathroom or damaging the tub
  • Professional grooming
  • Nail trimming
  • Supplements for problems ranging from anxiety to joint issues in those pets that are getting up there in age.
  • Fun toys and accessories like collars, leads and harnesses
Wag N' Wash, Dan and Diane Hutchison

At Wag N' Wash® Natural Pet Food & Grooming, we understand that your cats and dogs are more than just pets, they are cherished members of the family. We are proud to provide you with stores where you can wash ’em, feed ’em, spoil ’em and love ’em!

Wag N' Wash in Eagan offers a large selection of healthy, natural pet foods; a variety of self-service wash options; full service grooming; nail trims; an in-store bakery plus durable toys, treats, outdoor gear, beds, blankets and supplements.

Proud Distributor

The Honest Kitchen
Nature's Logic
RC Pets
The Natural Dog
Ark Naturals
Diggin Your Dog
Earth Animal
Ethical Pet
Grandma Lucy's
Natural Balance
Outward Hound
Stella & Chewy's
VIP Products
West Paw

Visit or call the store to learn about other brands we carry that may be a solution for your companion.

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So much nicer than washing him in the bathtub, I’ll be back.
— Rick Steffey, Posted July 3rd 2021 on google
Hidden gem in Eagan! Knowledgeable, helpful and friendly!
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted July 2nd 2021 on facebook
Scheduling is a little clunky, consisting of e-mail exchanges. But the price was fair and they did a great job on our Husky
— Jena B., Posted June 24th 2021 on yelp
Greta always gets a great groom at Wag N' Wash! High quality food, toys, treats and supplements. Don't forget they have the best cat food and supplies as well.
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted June 14th 2021 on facebook
I took my Shepherd mix pup in for nail trim. They did an amazing job with him and his feet look great now. She even used the grinder to smooth the edges. I will be taking Alex in regularly for nail care and lots of fun toys and food! He was very calm and enjoyed being in the store. It was kind of a nightmare taking hi...
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted June 11th 2021 on facebook
We started shopping here when we moved to the neighborhood a few years back and got a dog. We love that there is a pet shop nearby without having to go to one of the more busy areas of town. We've always had great service alongside a great selection of food and natural treats for our pets, and gifts for family and frie...
— Jen Rademacher, Posted June 9th 2021 on google
Had my Aussie doodle done there for the first time around two weeks ! ago they did an excellent job also explain to me everything they did when they came back would recommend them.
— Linda Stoner, Posted May 25th 2021 on facebook
Great place to shop and grooming.
— Teela Williamson, Posted May 16th 2021 on google
Genesis is the BEST groomer I've ever taken my dog to. Plus, she's a sweetheart!
— marcia parent, Posted May 8th 2021 on google
Heard about the pet bakery at Wag N Wash on our neighborhood FB group. With a milestone birthday, they didn’t disappoint. Trout was very happy with his birthday cake!
— Sara Patrick, Posted March 18th 2021 on facebook
I like Dolly (Groomer) and there is a large variety of dog food & toys. Highly recommended.!
— lito xydhuf, Posted March 2nd 2021 on google
I love Wagon Wash cuz it's available for a lot of different things from food for your dog and treats even home baked treats what you don't see that. Also grooming and you can take your dog in and bathroom yourself to so a lot of good things that you can do there. Not sure if they still do it but you can even have your ...
— toni mcguinness, Posted February 16th 2021 on google
Delighted! Purchased my dogs Birthday cake there and was welcomed with pups and toys and bones. Very dog friendly and animals lovers must check this place out
— Sarah Barbouche, Posted January 24th 2021 on google
Great way to clean and dry dog easily!
— Richard Stetzler, Posted January 10th 2021 on google
great staff!!!! great nail trims, good pricing!
— Rosie Volk, Posted December 20th 2020 on facebook
Wonderful place! Very attentive staff and great dog bathing facilities.
— Patricia Moudry, Posted December 19th 2020 on google
Great service. Good price. My dog doesn't look like a gremlin anymore.
— Zachary Neubauer, Posted December 16th 2020 on google
Perfect place to wash pups! I love coming here for bathing dogs. They have everything you need (and more!) in one place! The wash bays are big enough for my large doggos. The water hose provides varying pressure levels and keeps the pup warm. Shampoo, conditioner, brushes, and towels are all provided. I even got to wea...
— Kayla L., Posted December 12th 2020 on yelp
Very friendly staff, convenient place to wash your pup, very affordable.
— Nickolas Campbell, Posted December 12th 2020 on google
They have the nicest people there helping me find dog food, toys and a leash. The customer service is incredible.
— Keith Swanson, Posted December 12th 2020 on google

All-Natural Foods & Supplements

Beauty Products & Supplies

Your Healthy Pet Center

At Wag N' Wash®, we understand that your cats and dogs are more than just pets, they are cherished members of the family. We are proud to provide you with a store in Eagan where you can wash ’em, feed ’em, spoil ’em and love ’em!

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Wag N' Wash is a locally owned and operated pet store that provides a wide variety natural pet food and dog grooming options.

Why Choose Local?

When you shop at Wag N' Wash in Eagan, you are supporting your local community! Our Eagan Natural Pet Food & Grooming store is locally owned and operated, meaning purchases made in your local store, including our Self-Serve Dog Wash, support your local community. At Wag N' Wash, you will find the highest level of support and customer care. We work hard to make shopping a pawsitive experience for all of our customers, two and four legged alike. Wag N' Wash in Eagan is maintained by hard-working, pet loving residents of our local community, who would love to serve you and get to know you and your pet better! Next time you are looking for pet grooming, supplies and natural food in Eagan, think no further than Wag N' Wash.

Choose Wag N' Wash in Eagan for all your local pet store needs!


Today is #nationalpetfiresafetyday, take some time to review the following tips to make sure you and your pets are prepared for anything. - Always make sure your pet is wearing a ID tag with your direct contact information - Keep leashes and collars near the door to be able to leave quickly in case of an emergency - Register your pets with the local fire department - Learn animal CPR - Put a sticker/window cling to a window or door that has the type and number of pets inside your home so first responders can save time when locating pets in the event of an emergency . . . #wagnwash #nationalpetfiresafetyday #petfiresafetyday #firesafety


Happy National Kitten Day! It's a purrr-fect day to stop by Wag N' Wash to pick up treats and toys to celebrate with your feline friend! 💜 . . . #wagnwash #nationalkittenday #kittens #caturday #cattreats #cattoys #shoplocal


The sun is shining and the temperatures are hot... keep your pets safe by keeping them well hydrated and becoming familiar with the common signs of overheating. . . . #wagnwasheagan #dogsofeagan #summersafety #pethydrationmonth #petsofsummer #signsofoverheating