Request a Thanksgiving Dinner in California

Pre-order Your Pup a Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner!

Want to give your pup a little extra love for the holidays this year? We've got a solution for you! Pre-order your pup a delicious gourmet turkey dinner for Thanksgiving! Our custom-made Thanksgiving dinner includes:

- Turkey loaf, pup cake, sweet potatoes and peanut butter pie for dessert.

- Consists of 100% human-grade ingredients.

- No chemicals or artificial preservatives.

- Accepting pre-orders through 11/24 to be ready in time for the big day.

Dog Thanksgiving Dinner - Wag N' Wash

Thanksgiving Dinner Request

Baked fresh in our California gourmet bakery • No artificial flavorings, colors, chemicals or preservatives


Fill out the Thanksgiving request form below.


Arrive to pickup your pup's dinner at the date and time arranged. Bring your pet in for a gourmet baked treat and to make payment!


Enjoy Thanksgiving with your loved ones and please send us happy pet pictures we can share!

Pre-order your pup's Thanksgiving Dinner!

Dinner consists of a turkey loaf, pup cake, sweet potatoes and peanut butter pie for dessert, all for just $11.99. Let your companion safely indulge this Thanksgiving, with this Wag N' Wash meal consisting of 100% human-grade ingredients, with no chemicals or artificial preservatives.

Accepting pre-orders through 11/24/2020. Orders must be picked up by close of business 11/25/2020. Payment due at pickup.

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