Self-Serve Dog Wash Stations In California

Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food and Grooming provides you with a unique do-it-yourself dog wash facility in California created to take the hassle out of washing your dog and put some fun back into it.

We provide everything you need to give your companion a bathing experience fit for a canine king or queen. You just bring the dog! No appointment is necessary.

Walk-ins welcome for all our self-wash stations!


Self-Wash Pricing

Total Transfurmation

A perfect solution for any special-need skin and coat. Choose from 4 all-natural shampoos to treat your pet’s specific needs.


Wash N’ Go

A quicker, easier way of bathing your pet! Choose from 3 of our most-loved shampoos and end with our restorative conditioner to nourish your pet’s skin and coat.


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California Self-Serve Dog Wash in California Station

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Check out the California "Specialty Shampoo" dog wash options below

While these grooming options are part the California "self-service" facility, we are there to assist you in any way we can to make your time with us enjoyable for both you and your companion pet. At our California Wag N' Wash, it isn't just about bathing your dog. It's about having a convenient and fun experience that will leave you looking forward to your next visit!

Total Transfurmation
Shampoo Options

Soothe Me, Please

A minty relief from bacterial or fungal infections


Decreases shedding

Nothing to Sneeze At

Hypoallergenic for sensitive pets

Bright N' Shiny

A gentle but deep clean to brighten coats

Wash N' Go
Shampoo Options

Smell Ya Later

Odor control for your smelly or oily dog

Scratch That

An oatmeal shampoo to ease the itch

Go-To Shampoo

An all-breed, moisture-rich, aromatic shampoo. Perfect for all coats!


A restorative, nourishing solution for any coat

Let's face it, washing your dog is a dirty job! The mixture of water with shedding hair and muddy paws makes for a messy clean up. But at Wag N' Wash, the only thing you need to clean is your dog. We do the rest! All self-serve dog wash stations are cleaned and disinfected after every use so you don't have to bathe your pup in the wet hair of a previous pooch or worry about germs

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As dog people, we also realize that part of the fun of coming to a place like Wag N' Wash is not only the convenience, but it is also being with other people and their pets. Our stations are designed to allow you to visit with other folks while maintaining privacy between pets. After all, bathing is a personal thing and we wouldn't want to upset or embarrass our four-legged friends! Our do it yourself dog wash facility is a place both you and your pet will love to visit.

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