Dog Grooming Supplies in California

Dog Grooming Products

Whether or not man's best friend loves to roll in the mud, or is a dainty creature who prides themselves on cleanliness - all pets benefit from some measure of grooming for health, hygiene, and comfort.

Every dog’s grooming needs are different, based on coat length and type, age and activity level. But dog grooming supplies in California are pretty similar no matter the breed, and Wag N' Wash provides them all for dog owners at their self-serve stations. Check out the list below to learn what kinds of tools to expect to find at Wag N' Wash.

Dog Shampoo

Arguably the most important grooming item, always use a soap-free shampoo made specifically for dogs. The frequency of baths will differ from dog to dog - dogs that are more active and love to get dirty will, of course, need more frequent baths, whereas some long-haired breeds may not need to bathe more than once a month. Wag N' Wash offers all kinds of dog grooming supplies in California, including shampoos within the different tiers of our self-serve washing service. For dogs with special skin or hair needs, dog owners should consult with a vet who may recommend a medicated shampoo.

  • Tear-Free Shampoo: This kind of shampoo helps protect doggy eyes.
  • Oatmeal Shampoo: Dogs with mildly irritated or itchy skin may find this shampoo to be soothing.
  • Natural Shampoo: These shampoos are chemical-free and often include herbs beneficial for dogs' skins and coats.
  • Conditioners: To be clear, most dogs don't need a conditioner. Like with humans, conditioners are used after the shampoo to help keep a dog's coat moisturized, shiny, and tangle-free.
Wag N' Wash's dog grooming supplies near California.

Owner washing dog with dog grooming supplies at Wag N' Wash in California.

Dog Brushes/Combs

Brushing, like bathing, should be done as frequently as will benefit the dog. While breeds with very short hair don't need brushing as much as dogs with medium to long hair, they may still benefit from the use of a curry comb. Dogs and dog owners (and dog owners' homes) may benefit from using specialized dog grooming supplies, like shedding tools, on dogs with any length of hair. Brushes and combs are part of the Premium Wash and Ultimate Wash services at Wag N' Wash.

  • These brushes work well for most hair types. Bristle types vary from soft to firm and from long to short. Dogs with short hair will benefit most from a short, soft bristle brush, whereas dogs with long, thick, or coarse hair will benefit most from a brush with long and firm bristles.
  • Dogs with medium to long hair do best with these.
  • Use these brushes to break up tangles and mats in dogs with medium to long hair.
  • These are meant for the toughest tangles in mats, generally found in dogs with long, coarse hair.
  • Shedding tools have special teeth that remove excess hair and reduce shedding. These are also super helpful for dogs with double coats, or who shed a summer or winter coat during the year.
  • These combs are used to detect and remove fleas. However, they cannot remove a flea infestation!
  • Use these prior to brushing to remove dirt and debris from a dog's coat. The short rubber tips also stimulate the natural oils in a dog's skin, almost like a nice doggy massage! Dogs with extremely short hair may not need to be brushed at all, but will still benefit from the occasional use of a curry brush or comb.

Nail Trimming - Dog Grooming Supplies in California

This is probably every dog and dog owner's least favorite grooming activity. Thankfully, Wag N' Wash offers nail trimming services and all the dog grooming supplies needed, no appointment required! For those dog owners who want to do it themselves, more power to them - here's a list of the different kinds of nail trimmers.

Wag N' Wash the favorite dog grooming supply store in your California. Claw-style/plier-style trimmers

These babies are spring-loaded and ready for action. They cut nails similar to scissors.

Wag N' Wash the top-rated dog grooming supplies near California. Guillotine trimmers

These trimmers also have a spring-loaded component, as well as a replaceable blade. They cut the nail when the spring-loaded handle is depressed.

Wag N' Wash in California carries the best dog grooming supplies. Scissor-like trimmers

These do not have any spring-loaded features and are best for dogs with small, delicate nails.

Wag N' Wash the best dog grooming supply store near California. Filing tools

Owners can use basic emery boards or metal files to grind down small, delicate nails. Otherwise, power rotary tools can be used on all nail times to grind down the nails gradually. Use low speed for smaller nails and medium to medium-high speed for thicker nails.

Wag N' Wash - dog grooming supplies near you in California. Styptic powder

Not a nail file or clipper, but an important tool if owners ever accidentally cut a nail too short. This powder will help stop bleeding quickly.

Dog Hair Clippers

Not all dogs need haircuts. Dogs like huskies may benefit from a trim to keep them cool, while golden retrievers may also benefit from the occasional snip-snip. Dogs like poodles or Shih Tzus, whose hair keeps growing, may need to be trimmed on a more regular basis.

We here at Wag N' Wash recommend leaving the haircuts to the professionals. Contact your local Wag N' Wash today for pricing. Dog owners who feel confident in their skills are welcome to purchase electric clippers made especially for dogs, but never, ever use scissors to cut any excess hair or mats from a dog as there is a higher risk of injury.

Trust the professionals of Wag N' Wash to make furry friends shine. Or, use their expertise to find the best stuff for keeping dogs beautiful at home. From soap, suds to smooth coats, Wag N' Wash offers premium dog grooming supplies in California and can help with it all!

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