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Winter Activities To Enjoy With Your Pet

Posted on Jan 19th 2022


Winter Activities To Enjoy With Your Pet

Winter is a great time to stay inside and cozy up with your pet. Whether you have a high energy dog that needs a lot of exercise or you’re looking to stay inside and cozy up, here are some ideas to get you through the cold weather.

For Dogs

  1. Try Skijoring
    This activity is best suited for medium to large, athletic dogs only. From the Norwegian word skikjøring, skijoring is a combination of skiing and dog sledding. Hook your dog up to a harness, grab yourself a pair of skies and find some fairly flat snowy trails!
  2. Go Sledding
    Your dog may enjoy running next to or chasing you down a hill as you sled. If you have small children, you could set up a course for your dog to pull them through. As with skijoring, make sure your dog is wearing a harness for this activity, because it’s too much weight for a dog to pull with their neck.
  3. Play Fetch
    Take advantage of the winter weather by throwing snowballs for your dog to catch. Otherwise, use a brightly colored ball that’s easy for your dog to spot in the snow.
  4. Set Up A Scavenger Hunt
    Give your dog a chance to exercise their sniffer and tracking instinct by hiding toys and/or treats all over your backyard in the snow. This activity will not only provide your dog with plenty of exercise, but it will also give him or her valuable mental stimulation.

For Cats

  1. Start leash training – Or Any Other Kind Of Training
    Turkey bones are a choking hazard, and gravy and turkey skin are too fatty and could cause pancreatitis.
  2. Set Up Engaging, Active Toys
    A 6-to-8 foot fishing pole, or any other kind of toy that encourages your cat to run around is great for their health and entertaining for you both. Wag N' Wash has a variety of cat toys to choose from.
  3. Bring The Outdoors In
    Set up a bird or squirrel feeder outside a window your cat has access to. He or she will enjoy watching other critters for hours on end.
  4. Build A Cat Fort
    Use the boxes from online shopping deliveries to create a wonderland for your cat. Tunnels, doors, tiny caves – let your imagination run wild and keep your cat occupied. Alternatively, build a fort big enough for both of you to enjoy, but still use boxes because, you know.

For All Furry Friends

  1. Take A Hike
    So hiking is technically like walking. But, instead of taking your usual route around the neighborhood, try driving to a different location for a change of scenery. This is a good option for both dogs and cats that are leash trained. Dogs who love snow may even love snowshoeing! Whatever you choose to do, you can make sure your pet stays warm with jackets, boots, and other winter accessories from Wag N' Wash.
  2. Do Some Yoga
    Check out local yoga studios in your area to see if they offer classes where you can bring your dog. Or, turn on a video at home and do some cat pose with your cat, and some downward dog with your dog!
  3. Stay Inside
    Sometimes, you just need a cozy day in. There are loads of activities you can do with your pets inside that can provide them with mental stimulation, and it’s a great opportunity to bond. Learn to bake your own dog or cat treats, help your pet “paint” a picture you can hang up on the wall, or simply set up a movie and get in some cuddle time.

Whatever winter activities you decide to do with your pet, Wag N' Wash has all the supplies you need, from winter gear to toys and treats. Visit your local Wag N' Wash today!