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8 Valentine’s Day Celebrations for your Pet

Posted on Feb 14th 2022


8 Valentine’s Day Celebrations for your Pet

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, and there is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog. Or the love of a cat, although cats tend to show it a little differently.

Regardless of how your pet likes to show you love, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your love for them!

Here are eight ways to love on your pet this holiday:

Make or Buy Valentine's-Themed Treats

Your dog or cat may not notice if their treats are heart-shaped instead of their usual shape, but what’s stopping you from buying them anyway? You can find all kinds of treats for your four-legged sweetheart at Wag N' Wash, or even purchase a special something from our bakery! If you decide to go the extra mile and make your own treats, cut them out with heart-shaped cookie cutters. It’s a labor of love.

Valentine's Day dog treats in a red bag.

Pamper Your Pet

Treat your pup to a relaxing spa day using a Wag N' Wash self-service station or by booking an appointment. If you’d rather stay home, maybe try a new brush meant to massage your dog. While cats prefer to bathe themselves, your kitty might enjoy a new scratching post for claw maintenance, or a lovely little massaging brush as well!

Gift Them a New Toy

Heart shaped squeaky toys? Chocolate-covered strawberry plushies? Dangly heart-shaped cat toys? We love a good holiday, and we love adorably themed toys! Find the toy that speaks to you, or bring your pet in to pick out their own toy this Valentine’s Day at Wag N' Wash.

Dog laying on the ground next to a red heart toy.

Have a Play Session

If you have an energetic dog who loves to be outside, what better way to show you love them than with a nice long walk? If they love to play catch, throw a ball or Frisbee. Or, if your dog is very social, plan a puppy playdate or a visit to the dog park. Cats who are harness and leash trained may also enjoy adventuring in the outdoors. Or, stay inside and play your cat’s favorite game.

Take Some Fun Photos

Putting your pet in a cute holiday outfit is a gift to us all. Share the love by documenting your dog’s sweater, or your cat’s bow with a photoshoot! You can even dress to match in pink and red, and enjoy your photos for years to come. Find fun Valentine’s Day-themed accessories for your pet at Wag N' Wash!

Dog wearing pink heart glasses.

Write a Love Letter

It may sound silly, but putting your love for your pet down into words can be a special experience for you as a pet owner and a great way to preserve the love you have for your pet for years to come. Alternatively, start keeping notes in a jar. Every time you think of something you love about your pet, or they do something you want to remember, write it down. Next Valentine’s Day, you can read all of the wonderful memories and reasons you love your pet.

Make Valentines to Give to Friends and Family

If your pet is willing, use pet-safe ink to add a paw print to the photos from your photoshoot (or any card) and send some love to family and friends from the two of you!

Happy Valentine's Day card with dog paw prints drawning.

Donate to a Shelter, Rescue, or Organization in Your Pet's Name

Share the love you have for your pet by donating to your local shelter or rescue to help more animals get the care they need and find loving homes. Or, consider whether or not you and your current fluffy companion are ready to welcome a new furry friend into your home!

Visit Wag N' Wash today to get everything you need for the paw-fect Valentine’s Day with your furever friend.