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Urinary Obstruction: A Real Pet Emergency

Posted on Oct 21st 2020


Urinary Obstruction: A Real Pet Emergency

With love, proper nutrition, exercise and frequent visits to the vet, our four-legged companions can lead a long, healthy life. However, just as with people, emergencies can occur even in the healthiest pets. It's always a good idea to bring your dog or cat into the vet anytime they are exhibiting obvious signs of distress, strange behavior or seem ill.

A common emergency that many pet owners are unprepared for is urinary obstruction. Often caused by prolonged UTI, kidney stones or urethral plugs, a complete urinary obstruction can lead to kidney failure and death if not immediately addressed. Signs of urinary obstruction are similar in cats and dogs and include straining to urinate, complete inability to urinate, meowing or whining while attempting to urinate, obvious discomfort, swollen bladder, hiding, lethargy, vomiting and/or collapse. With prompt veterinary care, cats and dogs can be stabilized and relieved. Depending on the cause of the obstruction, surgery or additional care may be necessary. As urinary obstructions are common particularly in male animals, it is important to go to the vet any time you notice your pet having issues with urinating.

Prevention and After Care

Any type of vet emergency is frightening for both pet and owner. As your furry friend recovers from a traumatic event like this, it is important to ensure he or she has everything needed for swift recuperation.

Superior Alimentation

Poor alimentation is often responsible for nutrient imbalances that can cause the formation of kidney stones. As a preventative measure, it is important to ensure your pet has access to all natural pet foods. Wag n' Wash carries a wide variety of all natural pet food options, from raw food to high quality kibble. We also carry foods that are developed to support urinary tract health and dissolve kidney stones. After treating the urinary obstruction, your vet will discuss the best diet options for your pet with you.


As additional support to daily alimentation, supplements can provide your cat or dog with the proper balance of nutrients. Supplements for kidney and urinary tract health may also be beneficial.


Dehydration is a common secondary symptom of urinary infection and obstruction in pets. As your animal is recovering, it is important to ensure they stay hydrated. Always have fresh water available. Some pets, particularly cats, may not be drinking enough water to ensure proper hydration. To combat this, it is recommended to add wet food to your pet's diet once or twice a week. Check with your veterinarian for the best option. At Wag n' Wash, we carry a wide array of wet foods for both cats and dogs that can help keep your loveable pet hydrated.


Last, but certainly not least, is tender loving care. Urinary obstructions are true pet emergencies that require anesthesia, emergency care and possibly even surgery. Your pet will likely feel disorientated and down after such a traumatic event. Lots of cuddles are needed, so it's recommended that owners stay close by to their pet in the first few days following the emergency. A delicious, healthy treat, new toy or soft and snuggly blanket from your local pet store can help ease the discomfort of the first few days of recovery.