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Thanksgiving Food Safety

Posted on Nov 15th 2019


Thanksgiving Food Safety

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we have food safety on the brain. We recommend having a plan in place to ensure your pets stay away from harmful foods. With these tips, your beloved pet can have a safe Thanksgiving, and even enjoy a few yummy treats.

Give your guests the 411

Make sure your guests know not to feed your animal from the table. If children are present, it may be best to put your pet in a safe room or area while the food is out.

Thanksgiving Food Safety

Keep dangerous foods out of reach

You may not intend to feed your dog human food, but your dog may intend to find it. Be sure to keep food in places that your pet cannot access. Be on the lookout for counter surfers or, perhaps, scheming cats.

Remove hazards from healthy foods

Keep in mind that, while some foods are safe for dogs to consume, there are still precautions you must take. For instance, if you're treating your dog to a little turkey or chicken, be sure to remove any excess fat first. Too much fat may cause pancreas issues. Additionally, do not give your dog any cooked bones; they can splinter into shards and cause damage in the mouth, throat and intestines. Lastly, make sure any food you give is unseasoned.

Everything in moderation

If you do plan to give your pet any human food, it is best to keep it in small quantities. While some foods can be nutritious for your pet, their stomachs are still not used to consuming it and large amounts of unfamiliar food could cause an upset stomach.

If you'd like to give your pet a special treat for Thanksgiving, visit our bakery for some pet-friendly treat options like pumpkin paws, peanut butter pies or turkey loaves!

If you suspect your dog has ingested any poisonous foods, call you veterinarian or the Pet Poison Helpline immediately. You can also find emergency instructions on the Pet Poison Helpline website.