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How Shopping At Your Local Pet Store Makes A Difference

Posted on Nov 16th 2020


How Shopping At Your Local Pet Store Makes A Difference

The next time you are looking for a local pet supply store, skip the big name brand stores or online shopping and head over to Wag N' Wash. Shopping at a local pet store doesn't only benefit you and your four-legged pal, it also benefits your local community in a variety of ways.

Why Shop At Your Local Wag N' Wash

A Better Selection

The sheer size of a brand name pet store can make it appear as if they have an endless selection of options for you and your pal. Unfortunately, most of the brands and products carried in these stores are of lower quality. If you feed your dog or cat a raw diet or other natural pet foods, it's unlikely you'll find what you are looking for. Wag N' Wash, on the other hand, only carries the best selection of food, treats, gear, toys and more. We are pet lovers ourselves and understand how important it is to give our kitties and doggies everything they need for a healthy, happy life. That's why you'll find our shelves stocked with natural pet foods, CBD pet products, supplements, freshly baked dog treats and more!

Support the Local Community

When you shop locally, you're supporting the salaries of locally employed people! At Wag N' Wash, we have created a community of dog loving individuals and we work hard to support each other. Customer service is our priority and you can expect a five star experience any time you enter our doors. Every Wag N' Wash employee is knowledgeable in the products we carry, so you and your pet can make an informed purchase.

Make Dreams Come True

Every Wag N' Wash is owned by a local pet lover like yourself and every dollar you spend here makes their dreams of entrepreneurship a reality. Spending money where it matters can make you feel better about every purchase. In addition to scoring awesome products for your best four-legged friend, you'll feel good knowing that local business owners can keep living their dream!

Loyalty Programs

Shopping at Wag N' Wash pays off directly to your wallet as well. We have various loyalty programs to say "thanks" to all of our customers, our biggest fans. Our loyalty programs reach well over $50,000 annually in coupons, rewards, free food programs, and in-house promotions. Come in and see what's on sale!

Local Pet Care

If we haven't made it clear already, we are pet lovers and we are proud of it! To spread the pet love, we make sure all local cats and dogs are well cared for. With adoption fairs and other sponsored events, we help connect companion animals with forever homes.

As a consumer, you can make a big impact on your local community with where you spend your dollar. Big brand name stores and online shopping have shifted success away from local communities, but local pet store owners have never stopped working their hardest. We provide what large companies can't - love, care and community. All pets are welcome in our stores and we provide a top notch experience. Everything stocked on our shelves is chosen with care and the health of our beloved animals in mind. The next time you are looking for a local pet store, stop in and say hi to the Wag N' Wash crew!