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Safely Celebrating the Holidays With Your Pets

Posted on Dec 17th 2020


Safely Celebrating the Holidays With Your Pets

It's the most wonderful time of the year and your pets are feeling the holiday excitement too. Too much excitement, however, can lead to anxiety in our beloved companion animals. Holiday gatherings often tend to interfere with our pets' routines which can make them feel uncomfortable and confused. If you're hosting this year's party, make sure you're doggy and kitty proofing your house. That means no toxic plants (like poinsettias, holly and mistletoe) within reach of your pets, no feeding from the table (remind your guests), and setting aside a "sanctuary" room for your pet when the party gets too loud (or the children get too grabby).

Besides ensuring a safe, enjoyable time for your pet at the holiday party, there are plenty of other holiday-fun activities you can do with your dog or cat!

Play Dress Up

While this is only an option for the most easy-going pets, holiday outfits and dashing winter coats are always a fun pet accessory. Certain breeds, like Greyhound dogs or Sphinx cats, need a little extra protection from the cold weather. A cozy blanket decorated with reindeer or a warm winter jacket can keep the cold weather from bothering your pet, especially during winter walks. If you're hosting the holiday party all the other guests will ooh and ahh at your holiday dressed pooch. Some pets are not a fan of dressing up, however, so don't force the reindeer ears on a grumpy dog.

Treat Them to a Spa-Day

What better gift to receive than a trip to the dog groomer? Drop your cat or dog off at Wag N' Wash for a professional grooming treatment before the holidays and impress all your family and friends with how beautiful and sweet-smelling your four-legged pal is! With fur-busting shampoos, nail-trimming, and deep-coat scrubbing, your pet will feel brand new after his much needed spa day.

Hand Out Delicious Treats

While a healthy diet ensures a happy, healthy pet, there's nothing wrong with a little holiday indulgence. Unless it comes from the holiday party dinner table, of course. Although your pal may put on his best "puppy eyes," most of our favorite holiday fare is dangerous or downright toxic for pets. Instead, purchase some fresh-made treats and goodies from the Wag N' Wash doggy bakery to handout during the holiday meal. This will keep your pet distracted so he is not begging all your guests for a snack and he gets to enjoy a well-deserved holiday treat!

Take Them on Fun Outings

Once the holiday parties are over, get some well needed exercise by taking your pets on enjoyable outings. A nice long walk in the neighborhood or a game of fetch at the dog park are great ways to spend some extra time with your pal on your holiday break.

Give Them Plenty of Gifts

We all love opening gifts under the tree, so why not let your dog join in on the fun? Watch as your pal wildly shreds through your well-wrapped gifts to discover the treats, toys, or other goodies you have hidden inside!

The Wag N' Wash family wishes you and your family (two and four-legged members alike) a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!