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Prepare for a Puppy

Posted on Mar 12th 2019


Prepare for a Puppy

Preparing for a puppy can be a lot! Whether you plan to adopt a puppy in a few months or you just got one yesterday when you were "just looking," these tips will make sure that you get started on the right paw!

Prepare for a Puppy: Puppy Food

prepare for a puppy foodIf you already have a dog in the household, preparing for a puppy isn't as simple as filling up an extra dish. Puppies need special food and to be fed smaller amounts more often. For more detailed information on what to feed your puppy, check out our blog post on How to Feed a Puppy.

Prepare for a Puppy: Entertainment

prepare for a puppy toyThe key thing to think about with entertaining your puppy is that if you don't, they will! By providing the right things to chew on and removing the things that they shouldn't chew on, you can help ensure your puppy has plenty of safe play. Don't worry, they will grow out of the "chew on everything" phase, but there is only so much temptation that one pup can handle at once. This also quickly becomes a wallet concern (those headphones near the floor are $200) and a safety concern (live cords do not make for a good chew toy). A crate purchase for games and training can also help keep your pup out of any trouble.

Prepare for a Puppy: Taking Care of Puppy Business

prepare for a puppy pottyPuppies are cute partly because they're so small! With that smaller size also comes a smaller bladder. Puppy pads can be very useful, especially if you live far from your puppy's potty spot. Hate to break it to you, but they won't be able to make it all that way yet! Some people find that hanging bells near the door outside for the pup to ring helps them communicate when they need to potty. Perhaps the most important items to prepare for a puppy with potty training are cleaning supplies. After all, this is a process and there will be mistakes. Being prepared for the mistakes as well will help with a smooth learning curve.

Preparing for a Puppy: Exercise

prepare for a puppy exerciseOne thing's for sure: puppies have energy! While toys will provide lots of play exercise, it's important to walk your puppy as well. Before you can do that, you will need to prepare a harness and leash. Be sure to look for harnesses that are highly adjustable - they'll be growing a lot! Several short walks per day will help with potty training and ensure your new companion pet rests well at night.

Part of the Wag Family

No matter how much you prepare, the first few days with a young puppy can feel overwhelming. If you ever need any advice, supplies, a wash or just someone to talk to about your new family member, puppy parents are always more than welcome at your local Wag N' Wash!