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Pet ID: What to Know

Posted on May 3rd 2019


Pet ID: What to Know

Pet IDs are important for all companion pets. They are nice to have (and often required) at day care or boarding facilities, and crucial in the event of an emergency.

What Info to Have On Your Pet ID

pet id contactThe more contact information that you can provide the better, right? But, it seems like there is such little space on that little pet ID! The first thing to include is the name your dog goes by. This may be different than their full name. If they respond better to a nickname, this is the name to include since it will help whoever is helping them. Of course, this will only help if the person can get close enough to read it. So, this information is more effective for friendly companion pets. While your companion pet's name is important to include, yours is not needed for someone to contact you. So, if you're tight on room, we'd recommend leaving out your name. Include the phone number that is most-likely to be answered. If you have room, we'd recommend an alternate phone number as well. Some kind of address information (city, zip code, etc.) is necessary, but you don't have to put your full address if you aren't comfortable. If your companion pet requires ongoing medicine or has allergies, consider putting this on their Pet ID or even getting a separate tag for it.

Microchipping vs. Pet IDs

pet id microchippingWhile having an ID tag is absolutely a great idea for your companion pet, it's not fool proof. What if your companion pet runs off and becomes separated from its tag? It may seem unlikely, but who wants to chance the odds. A sharp edge on a fence could rip their collar, and their pet ID, away. Now there is no way for someone who finds your companion pet to know how to contact their owner! This is an uncomfortable situation for the good samaritan, and a very scary situation for yourself and your companion pet. Microchipping typically costs around $45, but there are often clinics and groups that off this service for less. Another less-common method of secondary identification is tattoos of the most important contact information.

Keep Your Pet ID Info Updated

pet id update infoWhether you have a microchip, pet ID, or both, they don't mean much if you do not keep their information updated. For pet ID's, the process is as simple as getting a new tag with updated information. With microchips, you'll want to be sure that you hang on to the information of the database behind the microchip you chose. With most companies, you can login online to update the microchip's information or call them. Can't remember the name of the company? Call whoever microchipped your companion pet - they're likely to keep records and typically have a certain company that they prefer.

Accessorize Your Pet ID

pet id accessorizeWhile the function of a pet ID is extremely important, that doesn't mean they have to be boring! Today, there are lots of fashion and form options for pet IDs to help make them as special as your companion pet. Not only this, but there are accessories such as tag silencers. These help the sound of the pet ID against other tags, like a rabies tag. To learn about all the options or purchase an updated ID, be sure to visit our team at your local Wag N' Wash.