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How to Manage Dog Shedding

Posted on Jan 21st 2021


How to Manage Dog Shedding

We all love snuggling up close to our furry friends until we are ready to walk out the door and notice dog fur all over our clothes. Dog hair can be enough to drive you crazy when you find it stuck to your clothes, the couch, and all over your bed. While shaving your dog completely may be tempting, it can damage his coat and in the long run will do little to control shedding. Thankfully, with a few simple coat care steps you can find at home help to manage shedding and ensure a healthy coat for your pal.

Finding the Right Brush

Regular brushing is the easiest way to keep your dog's shedding under control. It is also important in reducing mats, or painful tangles of hair, that can harm your dog's skin. Different breeds have different brushing needs, however, so it is important to find the right brush. Short-haired breeds will need less frequent brushing while long-haired breeds need daily brushing. A soft bristle brush is enough for short-haired breeds while dogs with double coats may need slicker brushes or coat rakes. If you're not sure which brush to purchase, stop into your local Wag N' Wash and discuss your options with our knowledgeable staff. We carry a wide range of grooming tools and products.

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Regular Grooming

In addition to at-home brushing, your pal should visit a dog groomer frequently. Professional groomers are trained in dog hygiene and coat care, so they can be on the lookout for skin infections or other issues. Regularly grooming your dog reduces the chances of tangles and mats and leaves you with a sweet-smelling pooch. Professional groomers can also give you tips for at-home care of your specific dog breed. Wag N' Wash offers both professional grooming appointments at self-wash stations.

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Clean Your Home

Even if your dog is not a heavy shedder, he or she still likes to romp and roll outdoors. It's important to regularly clean your home if you have pets in the house. Frequent sweeping and vacuuming can greatly reduce the amount of dog hair in the home. Those with allergies must make cleaning a priority as the hair and dander from dogs can cause allergy flare ups.

Wag N' Wash suggests regular home cleaning to avoid allergies from pet hair or fur.

Consider Shed-Free Breeds

If the dog hair is simply too much for you to handle, consider adopting a shed-free breed. There are various breeds, like Poodles, that shed minimally. These breeds are an excellent choice for those that are prone to allergies. While shedding is minimal in these breeds, frequent grooming is still important to maintain a healthy coat.

Adopting pet breeds that shed minimally, such as poodles, can help minimize allergies and pet fur around the home.

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