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Treat Your Pet with a Hot Remo

Posted on May 9th 2022


Treat Your Pet with a Hot Remo

Product Highlight: Hot Remo Treatment

Upgrade from the regular bath time routine to a pampering, luxurious spa day with our Hot Remo treatment! An add-on to both self-wash or grooming, this moisturizing treatment made with coconut oil and aloe vera will restore that hydrated shine to your pet’s coat while leaving them smelling of a fresh, clean fragrance.

Learn more about our Hot Remo treatment, below:

What is Hot Remo?

Hot Remo stands for Hot Re-moisturizing Conditioner Treatment. When you add-on a Hot Remo to your self-wash or grooming appointment, your pet is receiving a warm, hydrating conditioner treatment made with aloe vera and coconut oil, massaged deep into their coat after cleansing.

Note: After using Hot Remo, your pet may be spoiled moving forward! Trust us, it’ll be hard to go back to your regular routine without adding this luxurious treatment.

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Who Needs Hot Remo?

Well, it’s ‘fur’ everyone - cats and dogs alike! Our Hot Remo treatment is gentle enough for pets of all skin-types and can be used as a part of your pet’s regular bathing routine or as needed!

If your pet has a normal to dry coat that changes with the weather, you may only need to add a Hot Remo treatment as the seasons change or when it’s time for a deep-clean bath.

If your pet has more sensitive skin or experiences a dry, itchy coat, you may want to incorporate a Hot Remo treatment more often into their routine bath time. The aloe vera and coconut oil can give your pet some relief by adding in extra hydration to their coat.

How Does Hot Remo Work?

Put simply, our hot re-moisturizing conditioner gently hydrates dry, brittle coats with aloe vera and coconut oil. The aloe vera infuses deep moisture into your pet’s skin and coat and detangles while repairing damaged hair from root to shaft, leaving your pet’s coat soft and shiny.

Made in the USA, our Hot Remo conditioner also contains moisturizers to relieve skin conditions, such as: hot spots, itching, and dermatitis.

How Do I Add-on Hot Remo?

The next time you’re at Wag N’ Wash for a visit to the self-wash or to drop off your pet at their next grooming appointment, ask a team member about adding on a Hot Remo treatment! It’s as easy as that!


If you’re in for a visit to the self-wash, select from our two wash options: Wash N’ Go and Total Transfurmation. Once you’ve chosen which wash is best for your pet, proceed with washing as normal.

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Once you’re finished cleansing your pet, a wash attendant will bring you a bottle of warm re-moisturizing conditioner to apply all over your pet’s coat. As you’re covering your pet with this conditioner, make sure you’re massaging it deep into their fur, focusing on any dry, itchy areas. Then, let the conditioner set for 5-10 minutes before washing it out completely. Finally, proceed with drying and see the difference and shine in your pet’s coat!


If you’re dropping your pet off for a grooming appointment at our salon, let a team member or the groomer know you’d like to add-on the hot remo treatment. Then, they’ll take it from there and you’ll be able to pick your pet up with a shiny, soft new coat!

Whether your pet needs an extra splash of moisture for their dry, itchy skin or you’re just looking to pamper them a little extra, you won’t regret adding on a Hot Remo to your next bathtime visit. Stop by Wag N' Wash and ask a team member about Hot Remo and try it out with your pet, today!