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Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

Posted on Oct 25th 2021


Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

For those who love Halloween, picking out a Halloween costume for your dog can be just as big of a deal as planning your own. Not only does dressing up your pooch make a great photo op for social media, but it's also a secure way to gain all the smiles as you walk through your neighborhood on the eve of October 31st.

While not every dog has the same enthusiasm for Halloween as their humans may, there's even something here for pets who prefer their birthday suits. So get an idea of which costume fits your pup's needs and abilities. With the extensive range of dog Halloween costumes and the different ways they stay secured to your dog, there is even something for the most reluctant of dogs.

A Mini Headless Horseman to Take Your Pup For A Ride

Saddle up your pup for a midnight gallop with this spooky headless horseman costume. This hair-raising saddle secures around the neck and belly and carries a stuffed villain brandishing his pumpkin head.

Hot Dog (Insert Dad Joke Here)

How do you like your dog? We hope the answer is furry with paws! Dress your pup up in this easy-to-wear just-add-a-dog costume. To be frank, it's the cutest costume around, so put it on your pup and relish all the attention.

Hot Dog Halloween Costume for Dogs

Dino Rider

This adorably clever costume makes it look like there is a tiny dinosaur riding your pup. The best part about this costume is that it is simply a harness strap with a little dino attached to it. I dino what to tell ya besides, this is the perfect choice for fussy dogs who are usually miserable in costumes.

Teddy Bear Suit

Does your dog already kind of look like a teddy bear? Put her in this costume to make that a seriously adorable reality.


Turn your pup into a furry inhabitant from the forest moon of Endor by dressing her up in this Ewok costume. Given that some breeds actually look like Ewoks, this Star Wars costume is a no-brainer.

Yeehaw! Cowboy Rider

Another excellent option for squirmy pups who don't love to dress up is the canine cowboy rider. Watch as the cowboy bounces up and down as your pooch runs down the street while trick or treating. This costume is comfortable and easily adjustable, plus it's adorable, funny, and sure to gain you some laughs.

A Dumbo Costume of Elephantine Proportions

Ever seen a dog in a flying elephant costume? Well, now is your chance. These huge floppy pink ears will make your pup look like Disney's brave little elephant, but there's no guarantee they'll get them off the ground.

Dog wearing red devil horns for halloween.

A Devilishly Handsome Headdress for Demonic Dogs

Does your dog give off a devilish vibe? This horrifically cute costume pulled from the pits of hell sports a pair of iridescent horns that even the devil, himself, will envy.

Don't Stress!

For some pets, wearing a costume can cause stress and anxiety. Only put your pet in a Halloween costume if you are sure that she loves it. And to avoid any stressful last-minute changes, have your pup try on her costume before the big night. If the costume by any means stresses your dog, skip it.

A Quick Tip

If you decide to dress your pet up for Halloween this year, make sure the costume does not alter her movement, sight, or ability to breathe, bark or meow. Always measure your pet before ordering her a costume.

And be sure to avoid any costumes with dangling, small, and easily chewable pieces that can present a choking hazard.

If you’re looking to spruce up your pooch for a night of trick-or-treating fun, stop by your local Wag N' Wash for all your pet grooming and pet supplies needs! We’d love to see your pet’s costume, too!