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A Guide To Brushing Your Pet

Posted on Sep 1st 2021


A Guide To Brushing Your Pet

Are you brushing your pet’s coat regularly? Brushing helps to remove dirt, loose hair and other debris to ensure a soft, healthy coat for your companion. Brushing also distributes natural oils, leaving a shiny, nourished coat. If your pet has a long, thick coat, it is crucial to brush regularly to prevent matting. But what kind of brush does your pet’s coat require? See our brush guide below.


Use: Detangles and removes loose hair and debris from coat

For: Longer or curly coats (i.e., Poodles, Pomeranians, Terriers)

Use a wire pin brush for longer coats-{fran_locatoin_name}.


Use: Detangles and general maintenance

For: All breeds

A slicker brush will help with general maintenance, learn more at Wag N' Wash.


Use: Detangles and pulls out stubborn undercoat

For: Silky coats dogs (i.e., Goldens and Aussies)

A rake brush is used to detangle stubborn undercoats, learn more at a Wag N' Wash near you.


Use: Controls shedding on short-haired dogs

For: Short to medium coats, wet or dry (i.e., Chihuahuas, Pitbulls, Labradors)

A curry brush controls shedding on short haired dogs- Wag N' Wash in your area.


Use: Manages undercoat

For: Double coats (i.e., German Shepherd, Husky)

Contact Wag N' Wash near you to learn about our shed magic brush that tackles those trick double coats.


Use: Detangles and removes light matting

For: Long coats, double coats or fine coats (i.e., Spaniel, Greyhound

A Wag N' Wash comb dtangles and removes light matting in long, fine coats.