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Top Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Posted on Sep 29th 2020


Top Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Contrary to popular belief, grooming is not a luxury treatment - it is essential to pet health. While dogs do not need a daily shower like humans, regular grooming is important for healthy coats, clean skin and sweet-smelling fur. Frequent grooming can also prevent future health complications by eliminating infections, fleas and ticks. The next time your furry friend has rolled in a pile of mud, don't hesitate to drop him off for professional grooming. In addition to a well-needed bath, your pet will also gain the following benefits of dog grooming:

A Clean, Shiny Coat

Long or short hair, all dog coats require careful attention. While your dog is romping around in the great outdoors his or her coat picks up plenty of dirt, dust, pollen, bugs and other germs. While natural oils keep your dog's coat relatively clean, frequent bathing is necessary to eliminate excess dirt (and smells!). Grooming also reduces the chances of flea and tick infestations, keeping your pet safe from infection. After Fido's coat is clean and shiny, a good brushing eliminates knots and mats, which can painfully pull the skin. Brushing and washing also reduces shedding, a plus for your couch and your allergies.

Healthy Skin

Underneath the beautiful fluffy coat, your dog has sensitive skin. Without frequent washing, trapped dirt and bacteria can build up and cause allergic reactions, itchiness and sores. A professional groomer will also be on the lookout for strange lumps or bumps while washing your pet. Early detection of skin abnormalities or possible tumors can save your pet's life.

Clean Ears

Have you ever looked inside one of your dog's floppy ears and turned away in disgust? A buildup of wax and dirt can be just as ugly as it looks. Ear infections are common in dogs that are not regularly groomed and can lead to loss of hearing. Professional groomers are trained in ear cleaning and will have those cute, floppy ears clean as a whistle in no time.

Trimmed Nails

The click-clack of your pet's paws as he pads across the floor is a warning that a trip to the groomer is needed. Nails that grow too long are uncomfortable for your dog and can lead to arthritis and poor posture. Nail trimming is included in most grooming services so your pet can walk comfortably as he shows off his shiny, clean coat.

Tail Waggin'

The best benefit of grooming? A happy dog! While some pets aren't so fond of the scrub down, all dogs love feeling fresh and clean after their bath. Just as you feel refreshed when you step out of the shower, so does your pup after a trip to the groomer. Regular washing improves health and comfort, so don't be surprised when you see your dog's tail a waggin' after you pick him up from the groomer.

Whether you prefer to wash your pup yourself or drop him off for special treatment, Wag N' Wash is the dog grooming professional near you that you can count on. We offer both professional services and self-serve wash stations.