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20 Reasons to Choose Wag N' Wash

Posted on Apr 18th 2019


20 Reasons to Choose Wag N' Wash

20-years-old! Have you heard the news? Wag N' Wash turns 20 this month (that's 140 in dog years), and we'd love for you to celebrate with us! You and your companion pets already know you can rely on Wag N' Wash for everything they need to keep 'em wagging. But, we've got another twenty reasons why Wag N' Wash is your companion's favorite stop!

20 Reasons to Choose Wag N' Wash

20 shopping20. Shopping with your companions at Wag N' Wash makes their tails wag! Does the Internet do that?

19. You want as many years loving your companion as possible. Our natural foods can help with that.

18. Shopping at local retail stores shows love for your community!

17. Show off their shine with combs, brushes and supplies to create a coat that dazzles.

16. Don't choke! We have quality collars, leads and harnesses in all sizes and colors.

15. Lost your bed? Comfy beds and blankets for snuggling in their own beds!20 beds

14. We have a variety of chews made from all-natural ingredients, so table legs do not have to be an option.

13. We all know "supervision with play" ain't gonna happen. We have tough toys that stand up to strong chewers!

12. Our team members are expert butt scratchers and know a thing or two about companion pets. Let them help with issues like anxiety, digestive issues and joint pain.

20 stuff11. No need to feed a Chihuahua and Saint Bernard the same diet! We have special food formulas for small and large breeds, allergies and weight management.

10. Be a hero! Choose delectable deli items like turkey and beef loaves made from 100% human grade ingredients to really spoil 'em.

9. Why should humans have all the fun? We have ready-made and custom cakes to celebrate companion birthdays and gotcha days.

20 biscuits8. Our freshly baked biscuit bar is a smorgasbord for companions. You can choose from a variety of freshly baked tasty treats in the amount you need.

7. Professional groomers work on one pup at a time to make the experience easier for nervous companions.

6. Leave the wrestling to us! Walk-in nail trims make the job quick and easy.

5. Remoisturizing spa-like treatment because who wants to scratch?

4. No need for dripping bathroom walls! We have spacious, waist high wash stations where you leave the mess to us.

3. Eleven premium shampoos so you can choose what is best for your companion's coat because human shampoo is not a good plan.

2. We'll let you shop in your pajamas! No need to click at home.

1. We love your companion pet as much as you do!