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Should I Make Homemade Dog Food?

Posted on Aug 27th 2020

If health and wellness are top priorities for you it makes sense that they are top priorities for your pooch too. A glance at the ingredients on the kibble bag that you pour your dog's daily meals from may have you questioning the benefits of this dry, crunchy and processed diet. Many pet owners are asking themselves "should I make my own dog food?" after assessing the questionable food options that line the shelves of their local pet store.

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The Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Posted on Jul 24th 2020

If your pup suffers from any health issues, you've likely searched high and low for the best treatment. While there are plenty of medications available from the veterinarian, some dog owners prefer natural remedies. CBD oil is a natural, effective treatment that has received a lot of attention recently. Studies have shown it to be a viable treatment for various ailments (for both pets and people) and its efficacy as a natural dog treatment is strong.

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Keep Your Pet Hydrated This Summer

Posted on Jun 29th 2020

Summer is here again and, while we're looking forward to all the outdoor activities with our companions, this time of year presents an increased risk of dehydration. Though we cannot force our pets to drink more water, there are ways that we can encourage them or entice them into doing so.

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Should I Feed My Dog a Grain Free Diet?

Posted on Jun 25th 2020

At Wag n' Wash, we stand by offering only the best for your beloved pets. It is important to understand that, just like humans, every dog is different and therefore has unique dietary needs. While a grain-free diet may be beneficial for one dog, it could be not so good for another dog. We've compiled some information on grain-free diets so that you can make an informed decision about which natural pet food to purchase for your dog.

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Raw Food FAQ

Posted on Apr 1st 2020

Raw foods have become very popular in recent years. This can be contributed to the belief that, if in the wild, cats and dogs would be eating the prey that they kill. This prey would consist mostly of muscle tissue, organ meat, bones, and the contents of the prey's stomach. When animal prey is not available, they would be eating fruits and vegetables. Raw food diets most closely mimic the diet of wild cats and dogs. They are formulated with high levels of meat, organs, bones, and moisture (up to 95%) with balanced levels of fruits, vegetables, vitamins and nutrients.
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