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Safely Celebrating the Holidays With Your Pets

Posted on Dec 17th 2020

It's the most wonderful time of the year and your pets are feeling the holiday excitement too. Too much excitement, however, can lead to anxiety in our beloved companion animals. Holiday gatherings often tend to interfere with our pets' routines which can make them feel uncomfortable and confused. If you're hosting this year's party, make sure you're doggy and kitty proofing your house. That means no toxic plants (like poinsettias, holly and mistletoe) within reach of your pets, no feeding from the table (remind your guests), and setting aside a "sanctuary" room for your pet when the party gets too loud (or the children get too grabby).

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Howliday Gift Guide

Posted on Dec 8th 2020

Check out our latest Howliday gift guide to find the perfect gift for your pets this holiday season! A delicious, healthy treat, new toy or soft and snuggly blanket from your local pet store will be sure to make your pet healthy and happy for the new year.

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How Shopping At Your Local Pet Store Makes A Difference

Posted on Nov 16th 2020

The next time you are looking for a local pet supply store, skip the big name brand stores or online shopping and head over to Wag N' Wash. Shopping at a local pet store doesn't only benefit you and your four-legged pal, it also benefits your local community in a variety of ways.

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Urinary Obstruction: A Real Pet Emergency

Posted on Oct 21st 2020

With love, proper nutrition, exercise and frequent visits to the vet, our four-legged companions can lead a long, healthy life. However, just as with people, emergencies can occur even in the healthiest pets. It's always a good idea to bring your dog or cat into the vet anytime they are exhibiting obvious signs of distress, strange behavior or seem ill.

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Redmond Closing

Posted on Oct 13th 2020

Wag N' Wash is deeply saddened to announce the closing of our Redmond location. We are grateful for all those who supported us and we are sorry to be closing our doors. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity and hope that you will visit us in our Queen Anne location.

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