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Adoption Success Story: Buster

Wag N' Wash - adoption success story
Published on: January 23, 2018

Buster wasn’t always known by that name. He was once a homeless, nameless Papillon mix with parvovirus and an injured toe. That’s until he was found by the amazing people at Second Chance Animal Rescue and his life was changed forever! In the first of our series of Wag N’ Wash adoption success stories, take a look at how one dog found his forever home.

Steve and Kandiss

Adoption Success StorySteve and Kandiss had owned their previous dog for fourteen years before he passed away. Almost every pet owner can relate to the grief of losing a beloved companion. It’s not an easy thing to get over. However, after some time, they missed the love and joy their previous dog had brought to their lives. Steve and Kandiss considered adopting another dog for a year and half, and that’s when they found Buster.

Kandiss found Buster (then named Marshall) on Second Chance’s page on Petfinder. That was it. She knew he was the one. She saved the photo to their computer and made sure to show it to Steve. Steve agreed and they reached out to the rescue.

Buster’s Journey

Buster is a papillon mix who used to be known as Marshall.According to Second Chance Animal Rescue, when Buster first came to them he was a pretty sick pup. He was only six-months-old and he had a badly injured toe along with canine parvovirus. Parvo is a viral infection that often causes severe diarrhea, anorexia, fever, vomiting and severe weight loss. After a consultation with a veterinarian, it was determined that amputating Buster’s toe would be best. He was also given medications to fight his parvovirus. Luckily, this little pup was a fighter and he pulled through the operation and illness.

While he got better, Buster stayed with a foster family. They had a big dog and a cat that helped Buster become more confident. The foster family also taught him sit, stay and wait. They described him as shy and very gentle, but eager and willing to learn.

Buster gets Adopted!

Steve and Kandiss with Buster return to Wag N' Wash for a follow up visit.Once Steve and Kandiss had connected with Second Chance Animal Rescue they arranged to meet him at an adoption fair held at Wag N’ Wash Woodmen in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They were still smitten by him and adopted him that day!

A couple of months later Steve and Kandiss are still loving life with Buster. They brought him back in to Wag N’ Wash to see the folks from Second Chance and give us all an update. According to Steve, it was an “all new puppy experience” that they were learning all over again. They found themselves being more active with Buster in their lives. Despite his rough start, none of that has stopped Buster and he’s more confident than ever! When asked what he most enjoyed about having a dog in their lives once again, Steve said that there’s an innocence and love Buster brings them that they were missing after the loss of their last dog.

Second Chance Animal Rescue

Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation logo.According to their Petfinder page, “Second Chance Animal Rescue is a volunteer 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, based in Lamar, Colorado… They rescue about 500 dogs and cats annually. Many of these dogs are abandoned, some are neglected or abused… Volunteers dedicate hearts and hands for what is sometimes several months work toward teaching skills and creating opportunities for animals who would otherwise have none. Foster ‘parents’ provide training, home skills, socialization, confidence building and most importantly love and acceptance. Every dog deserves the patience, training and time it needs to be a great companion and that is what we do, EVERY DAY.”

Second Chance Animal Rescue has been rescuing dogs, cats and more since 2002. We’re proud to say that they’ve been partnered with Wag N’ Wash since 2005. They strive to not only save companion animals, but also educate their community about the importance of things like vaccines and spaying and neutering. One volunteer told us that her favorite part of working with Second Chance was hearing successful adoption stories of pets, just like Buster!

For more info, you can visit their Facebook page. All photos are courtesy of Second Chance Animal Rescue.