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5 Last Minute Gift Ideas

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas
Published on: December 15, 2017

Need a great gift?

It happens all the time. You know there’s an important birthday or holiday coming up, you think you have plenty of time and suddenly it’s only days away! There’s no time to look at ten different stores for the perfect gift for your companion animal. Instead, take a look at our six last minute gift ideas and let the team at your local Wag N’ Wash help you find what you need!

1. Gifts for the food-motivated

Last Minute Gift IdeasWe all know the dog that thinks with his or her stomach and will do anything for a treat! Instead of their usual kibble or training treats, check out some of the unique options available at the Wag N’ Wash Some dogs, particularly working class breeds, need a lot of mental and physical activity. Toys can be a life-saver for owners of active canine companions. Puzzle toys are an excellent way to keep your pet stimulated and help ease boredom. A durable ball or flying disc toy for fetch can really help burn extra energy. Have a dog that just won’t quit? Try a PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher and let the toy do all the work for you. For more info on toys, check out The Best Dog Toys for Every Pup!

3. Gifts for the couch potato

Last Minute Gift IdeasSome companion animals are all about the snuggles. They don’t need long walks or endless fetch, just a nice place to rest. For the laid back companion in your life, think about a new bed to provide the ultimate comfort zone. Check out pillow-like beds, memory foam beds, crate liners and more. Beds can also be usual for pets that have recently had surgery and need something soft to lay on, or old pets that may be experiencing arthritis. And if you really want to keep them cozy, throw in soft, durable blanket for good measure!

4. Gifts for the outdoor adventurer

Last Minute Gift IdeasThere are dogs (and some cats) that just can’t get enough of the great outdoors! When your companion animal is ready for their next adventure, make sure they have the gear they need. A strong, durable harness is a must-have. Not only will a harness keep your dog better secure on a leash, many also have handles to help you left your companion over tough spots in the terrain. You can get harnesses that double as packs, too. This makes taking snacks and water on longer trips much easier. If you plan to venture into rough, wet, icy or hot areas, you may also want to consider a good pair of boots.

5. Gifts for the absolutely spoiled

Last Minute Gift IdeasHere at Wag N’ Wash, we’re all about spoiling our companion animals! However, sometimes this means that your cat or dog already has every treat, toy, bed and accessory they could possibly want. This is the time to think outside the box! Consider a pet fountain to give your companion fresh, filtered water at all times. We don’t often think about feeders as a gift, but the right feeder can make meals more enjoyable. Tall dogs can eat more easily with a raised feeder and pets that like to eat too fast benefit from slow-feeders. Or, give your pet a luxurious day at the spa with a Hot Remo Treatment add-on. Their coat is sure to feel silky and soft!

Want to get a gift for a friend or family member’s pet? Get a gift card! They’re available in any amount and are perfect for every occasion.