We are open with adjustments. We're taking precautions to protect you and your families health.

We are open with adjustments. We're taking precautions to protect you and your families health.

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LoveemWe Love Your Companion Pet As Much As You Do

We offer only the best in pet hygiene services and all-natural nutritional options as well as top of the line toys, supplies, and our very own gourmet bakery!

WashemProfessional Dog Grooming & Self-Wash Stations

Self-Wash Self-Wash

Do-it-yourself dog wash and drying stations. No appointment necessary.

Grooming Grooming

Full service, professional grooming at every location. Schedule your groom today.

Nail Trim Nail Trim

Nail trims and grinding services on a walk-in basis, with no appointment needed.

Schedule a GroomingFor questions about our grooming services or to schedule your next grooming appointment with your local Wag N' Wash, please contact your store directly.

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New Jersey

Please review our grooming policies during COVID-19 before your next appointment

Schedule your professional grooming service today. Walk-ins welcome for all self-wash stations!


Grooming Pricing

Full Service Grooming

For pricing and details, please contact your local store directly

Local Pricing


Self-Wash Pricing

Basic Wash

Includes an apron, brushes & combs, house shampoo, cream rinse, towels and dryer.

Local Pricing

Premium Wash

Includes your choice of premium shampoos, cream rinse, leave-in coat shiner & skin moisturizer, cologne, apron, brushes & combs, towels & dryer.

Local Pricing

Ultimate Wash

Includes shampoo, conditioner, leave-in coat shiner & skin moisturizer, cologne, apron, brushes & combs, towels & dryer.

Local Pricing


Our specially formulated anti-shed shampoo and rejuvenating conditioner that will tighten pores and moisturize dry skin to help reduce shedding.

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Nail Trim

Nail Trim Pricing

Nail Trim - Regular

Prevents painful splaying & splitting of your dog's nails. No appointment needed!

Local Pricing

Nail Trim - Dremel

Grinding smooths out rough edges on your dog's nails to reduce scratches while keeping nails shorter for longer. No appointment needed!

Local Pricing

One Cool Place

At Wag N' Wash® Natural Pet Food & Grooming, we understand that your cats and dogs are more than just pets, they are cherished members of the family. We are proud to provide you with stores where you can wash ’em, feed ’em, spoil ’em and love ’em!

Wag N' Wash stores offer a large selection of healthy, natural pet foods; a variety of self-serve dog wash options; full service grooming; nail trims; an in-store bakery plus durable toys, treats, outdoor gear, beds, blankets and supplements.

In 2019 Wag N' Wash celebrated its 20th Anniversary! From the first store in 1999 to 19 stores in eight states today, our mission is to improve the bond between companion pets and their guardians. To do this we provide products and services you can trust.

We also believe in giving directly back to our customers. You are the ones who make our pet stores a success and it is just one of our ways of saying “thanks” for being part of the local Wag Family!

Through volume shopping rewards, coupons, free food programs and other in-house promotions, Wag N' Wash® stores gave back over $787,594 directly to our customers in 2018. That’s a lot of pocket change! It really does pay to shop at Wag N' Wash®!

Wag N' Wash® stores love to support local non-profits who share our mission of enhancing the quality of life for companion pets and their guardians!

In 2018, Wag N' Wash® stores donated over $30,000 worth of gourmet biscuits, all-natural pet food, free washes, free merchandise and monetary donations back to their communities.

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4 lb Pippa got her nails trimmed today & was so excited that I bought her a treat. What a find this place is! Staff is amazingly helpful and kind.
— Sarah K., Posted November 12th 2020 on yelp
This is an amazing place to bring your fur babies. The owner and staff are always courtious, helpful, and friendly.... You can tell they are animal lovers!
— Megan Scoope, Posted November 8th 2020 on google
This place is awesome. My dog and I felt like family as soon as we stepped in. My dog left so happy.
— Eddie Castaneda, Posted November 6th 2020 on google
These people are so amazing they did great with my babys nail trim and gave her tons of treats đź’— you guys rock!
— Carla Reinholz, Posted October 29th 2020 on google
Great business, will be my pet store / dog washing station of choice!
— Scott Rushford, Posted October 26th 2020 on google
This place is so wonderful! I brought my girl, Nova, here for her very first nail trim. As soon as we walk in, they greeted us with a warm welcome. Told the worker, we were there for a nail trim. Less than a minute later, a groomer approached us, brought Nova straight into the grooming area, got her nails trimmed and i...
— Jean Camacho, Posted October 22nd 2020 on google
Everybody was so helpful! The baked treats for the pets are wonderful!
— ConstanceWorldwide Armijo, Posted October 16th 2020 on google
It was my 2-yr old Lab's first-ever visit to/for a dog wash.  (Before it was either a cold water hose in the back or going long stretches without a bath; ugh.) She was a little scared of the stainless-steel tub and ramp but the staff were unbelievably supportive and helpful.  Definitely will be back, and hopefull...
— Sue M., Posted October 14th 2020 on yelp
The people that work there are such amazing human beings! I went there the first time to self-wash my Bulldog and their space is very nice and clean! They were extremely helpful! The second time I scheduled for someone there to wash my dog and I ended up getting almost 30min late because of traffic, but they were very ...
— LuĂ­sa H., Posted October 7th 2020 on yelp
We are driving through on our way to California and needed a wash for our little one. Super convenient and the friendliest staff I've ever met!! Everyone was so helpful and wish I had one of these near me!
— Chad Nishimura, Posted October 5th 2020 on google
Really nice !!!
— Yuxiang Wang, Posted October 2nd 2020 on google
Mike and his team are FABULOUS! We have our two rescue pups groomed there regularly (one is 16 1/2 years old and doesn't see or hear well). They are compassionate, kind, patient, and loving... my sweet old-soul Reecie girl looks like a puppy when Kelly is finished grooming her. Highly recommend - everyone at Wag N' Was...
— Chris S., Posted September 18th 2020 on google
Love the staff here who are always so friendly and welcoming to their customers! They have a great selection of treats, especially their store made baked goods. I just did the self wash today and was pleasantly surprised by the organization and help (despite it being a self wash). This is definitely my new spot for all...
— Neha Prabhu, Posted September 16th 2020 on google
Great staff and selection
— Ben Loblick, Posted September 12th 2020 on google
Had a wonderful experience getting our 11month old Bernedoodle groomed here with Kelly! She did exactly what we asked and we all felt very comfortable with her! We will be coming back for sure :)
— Lindsay P., Posted September 9th 2020 on yelp
My pup and I were greeted cheerfully as soon as we walked in! There was no waiting around or crazy paperwork to sign. Sugar just needed a nail grind, and they got right down to it. Everyone in the place was friendly. Very refreshing, and we will be back!!
— Naomi Folkerts, Posted September 7th 2020 on google
Very friendly workers! Great dog bath!!
— Robin Willhoite, Posted August 30th 2020 on google
Taylor and Kellie are amazing for grooming,
— William Davis, Posted August 2nd 2020 on google
Best customer service I have ever experienced! All of the staff are so kind, knowledgeable, and understanding!
— Rebecca Hostert, Posted July 28th 2020 on google
Stopped by with my pup looking for something similar to a canned dog food I've been using to supplement her diet. The man who helped us was super friendly, I found a good product, and it looked like the store had a nice selection of foods and other things!
— Julia Kulicz, Posted July 21st 2020 on google

All-Natural Foods & Supplements

Beauty Products & Supplies

Your Healthy Pet Center

At Wag N' Wash®, we understand that your cats and dogs are more than just pets, they are cherished members of the family. We are proud to provide you with a store where you can wash ’em, feed ’em, spoil ’em and love ’em!

Natural Pet Food & Grooming - Wag N' Wash

Why Choose Local?

When you shop at Wag N' Wash, you are supporting your local community! All Wag N' Wash stores are locally owned and operated, meaning purchases made in your local store, including our Self-Serve Dog Wash, support your local community. At each Wag N' Wash, you will find the same level of support and customer care. We work hard to make shopping a pawsitive experience for all of our customers, two and four legged alike. Each locally owned Wag N' Wash is maintained by hard-working, pet loving business men and women in your local community. Next time you are thinking about pet grooming, supplies, and natural food, think no further than your local Wag N' Wash. By choosing Wag N' Wash, as your local pet store, over a national chain store, you are helping each owner in their mission and strong dedication to enrich the community that they and their business are located in. Shop local by visiting us today to take advantage of our all our services!

Choose Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming for all your local pet store needs! Also, check out our self-serve dog wash!