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We are open with adjustments. We're taking precautions to protect you and your families health.

We are open with adjustments. We're taking precautions to protect you and your families health.

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LoveemWe Love Your Companion Pet As Much As You Do

We offer only the best in pet hygiene services and all-natural nutritional options as well as top of the line toys, supplies, and our very own gourmet bakery!

WashemProfessional Dog Grooming & Self-Wash Stations

Self-Wash Self-Wash

Do-it-yourself dog wash and drying stations. No appointment necessary.

Grooming Grooming

Full service, professional grooming at every location. Schedule your groom today.

Nail Trim Nail Trim

Nail trims and grinding services on a walk-in basis, with no appointment needed.

Schedule a GroomingFor questions about our grooming services or to schedule your next grooming appointment with your local Wag N' Wash, please contact your store directly.

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Schedule your professional grooming service today. Walk-ins welcome for all self-wash stations!


Grooming Pricing

Full Service Grooming

For pricing and details, please contact your local store directly

Local Pricing


Self-Wash Pricing

Basic Wash

Includes an apron, brushes & combs, house shampoo, cream rinse, towels and dryer.

Local Pricing

Premium Wash

Includes your choice of premium shampoos, cream rinse, leave-in coat shiner & skin moisturizer, cologne, apron, brushes & combs, towels & dryer.

Local Pricing

Ultimate Wash

Includes shampoo, conditioner, leave-in coat shiner & skin moisturizer, cologne, apron, brushes & combs, towels & dryer.

Local Pricing


Our specially formulated anti-shed shampoo and rejuvenating conditioner that will tighten pores and moisturize dry skin to help reduce shedding.

Local Pricing

Nail Trim

Nail Trim Pricing

Nail Trim - Regular

Prevents painful splaying & splitting of your dog's nails. No appointment needed!

Local Pricing

Nail Trim - Dremel

Grinding smooths out rough edges on your dog's nails to reduce scratches while keeping nails shorter for longer. No appointment needed!

Local Pricing

One Cool Place

At Wag N' Wash® Natural Pet Food & Grooming, we understand that your cats and dogs are more than just pets, they are cherished members of the family. We are proud to provide you with stores where you can wash ’em, feed ’em, spoil ’em and love ’em!

Wag N' Wash stores offer a large selection of healthy, natural pet foods; a variety of self-serve dog wash options; full service grooming; nail trims; an in-store bakery plus durable toys, treats, outdoor gear, beds, blankets and supplements.

In 2019 Wag N' Wash celebrated its 20th Anniversary! From the first store in 1999 to 19 stores in eight states today, our mission is to improve the bond between companion pets and their guardians. To do this we provide products and services you can trust.

We also believe in giving directly back to our customers. You are the ones who make our pet stores a success and it is just one of our ways of saying “thanks” for being part of the local Wag Family!

Through volume shopping rewards, coupons, free food programs and other in-house promotions, Wag N' Wash® stores gave back over $787,594 directly to our customers in 2018. That’s a lot of pocket change! It really does pay to shop at Wag N' Wash®!

Wag N' Wash® stores love to support local non-profits who share our mission of enhancing the quality of life for companion pets and their guardians!

In 2018, Wag N' Wash® stores donated over $30,000 worth of gourmet biscuits, all-natural pet food, free washes, free merchandise and monetary donations back to their communities.

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Staff was beyond kind & helpful, facility was sparkling clean even at the end of the day (I was there on a Saturday, they had apparently been very busy all day). I was given a shower tote with shampoo, conditioner, wet brushes & dry brushes, two towels and a face towel. Tubs were the perfect height and easy to operate....
— Stacy Stapleton, Posted October 24th 2021 on google
We brought our 5 month old puppy here for his first self-wash grooming, and the entire staff was so friendly, understanding, helpful, and kind. They really explained a lot to us and truly cared about our little guy who was extremely scared during the wash and has a lot of fear of humans. They gave us tips on reducing h...
— Puja Mehta, Posted October 24th 2021 on google
The ladies were so calming and amazing!! This morning PETCO LOST our business after they turned us away for a nail appointment all because our sweet girl has cushings disease. As of this morning, WAG N’ WASH has EARNED our business!
— Samantha League, Posted October 24th 2021 on google
First time having my golden doodle groomed at this salon and it was a very positive experience. We were able to book an appointment within the week, it was very reasonably priced and a great haircut.
— Jennifer Glaim, Posted October 24th 2021 on google
Everyone needs to take their dogs here. Staff is excellent. Owner is fantastic. Plus they have fresh baked dog treats.
— Jeff Thompson, Posted October 24th 2021 on google
Liesel loves all of the friendly helpful workers! Everytime we walk in we're treated like family, Wag N' Wash is the only place I shop at for her.
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted October 24th 2021 on facebook
Absolutely love their self wash center! The ultimate wash has the shampoo and conditioner in the hose, which means it's fast and easy. I actually spent a little longer bathing my pup than usual because it was kind of meditative. Staff is really nice.
— Lindsay Goebel, Posted October 21st 2021 on google
Absolutely loved coming here. The experience was great because they helped you and gave you lots of choices for your pets. Super sweet workers and calming for my dog since I was the person doing it.
— mary hertel, Posted October 21st 2021 on google
My first time taking my dog to self wash grooming. The experience of this business was super easy and friendliness all around. I have two more dogs to take in after feeling comfortable with this first experience. I took my own shampoo but ended up using the conditioner which was really smooth on my dog coat.
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted October 21st 2021 on facebook
Great customer service.
— Ricki G, Posted October 20th 2021 on google
Great service. The wash tubs are designed well 😊
— Tami Lewis, Posted October 20th 2021 on google
Staff very friendly and helpful
— Zee Demarrais, Posted October 19th 2021 on google
I love this place. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable including handsome Cheech kitty. My babies love all the pup cakes, birthday cakes, and ice cream. They have an impressive selection of dog food, treats, and toys. There’s a dog wash and grooming available I keep meaning to try.
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted October 19th 2021 on facebook
Hands down, Rebecca is the best groomer! Doodles can be tricky to groom, they mat. Rebecca never made me feel guilty about the few mats Pete had and she even hand scissored his handsome face. Wag N’ Wash has earned my loyal support. Thank you for a great experience.
— Ali Harder-Ross, Posted October 18th 2021 on google
Great place, fair prices, friendly and helpful service. Excellent place to get your dog washed in the winter months ahead.
— Merryn Flavell, Posted October 18th 2021 on google
The service is really great there. I usually call a head though to make sure that it's not going to be a bad time to be there
— Gail Saavedra, Posted October 17th 2021 on google
I have been wanting to bring my dog to wash him, I usually get him groomed and in the interim bathe him in the backyard. Briggs did AMAZING and just seemed to sit there while we washed him and dried him. He smells soooo good and his fur is soooo soft. The attendant helped pick Briggs up and get him in the tub and on th...
— Log into Facebook | Facebook, Posted October 16th 2021 on facebook
New to us and a good adventure will return
— warren jeffries, Posted October 15th 2021 on google
Awesome place with awesome staff!
— Nicholas Tapia, Posted October 15th 2021 on google
Dan was very understanding and helpful! Will be back many times to spoil my dog even more :)
— Megg McGovern, Posted October 14th 2021 on google

All-Natural Foods & Supplements

Beauty Products & Supplies

Your Healthy Pet Center

At Wag N' Wash®, we understand that your cats and dogs are more than just pets, they are cherished members of the family. We are proud to provide you with a store where you can wash ’em, feed ’em, spoil ’em and love ’em!

Wag N' Wash is a locally owned and operated pet store that provides a wide variety natural pet food and dog grooming options.

Why Choose Local?

When you shop at Wag N' Wash, you are supporting your local community! All Wag N' Wash stores are locally owned and operated, meaning purchases made in your local store, including our Self-Serve Dog Wash, support your local community. At each Wag N' Wash, you will find the same level of support and customer care. We work hard to make shopping a pawsitive experience for all of our customers, two and four legged alike. Each locally owned Wag N' Wash is maintained by hard-working, pet loving business men and women in your local community. Next time you are thinking about pet grooming, supplies, and natural food, think no further than your local Wag N' Wash. By choosing Wag N' Wash, as your local pet store, over a national chain store, you are helping each owner in their mission and strong dedication to enrich the community that they and their business are located in. Shop local by visiting us today to take advantage of our all our services!

Choose Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming for all your local pet store needs! Also, check out our self-serve dog wash!


💡Did you know that dog nose prints are as unique as humans finger prints? No two 'boop' prints are the same! Some places in the US use dog nose prints to identify missing canines with The Canadian Kennel Club accepting dog nose prints as forms of identification since 1938! It might be time to consider recording your pup's unique snoot! 🐶🐾 #FunFactFriday #WagNWash #DogParents


Attention all FUR-ocious ghouls and goblins: Wag N’ Wash is having a costume contest! Starting today, October 17 through Sunday, October 31, we are accepting entries. 2 winners will be given the following prize: a FREE Ultimate Self-Wash and a bag of gourmet biscuits. To enter: Snap a photo of your companion in their Halloween costume. Post your photo on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @wagnwashcastlerock to be entered into our random drawing. Pro-tip: Take your pet’s costume photo in our store to qualify for TWO entries! (Must still post to social media and tag us) Winners will be announced on Monday, November 1, 2021. Ghouled luck! 🎃


Grab your favorite toy, ball, or stick and head outside because it’s #NationalFetchDay! Sponsored by @chuckitfetchgames, today is a chance for pet parents and their dogs to get outside and make memories with the classic game of - you know it - Fetch! Stop by #WagNWash to pick up your ChuckIt! Toy to join in on the fun 🎾🐾 #makefetchhappen