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Some companions can’t get enough of their guardians. If you have a companion pet that loves to snuggle up and stay close, Wag N' Wash Natural Pet Food & Grooming has a variety of products and pet toys that will help them smell nice and feel good. From West Paw bedding to plush toys, our Castle Rock store offers many soft selections for your companion to play with, cuddle and lay on.

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Castle Rock Cat Toys - Wag N' Wash

If you love to snuggle with your companion, Wag N' Wash shampoos and conditioners help him smell wonderful. Our collection of brushes and other grooming tools will keep your companion’s coat top-notch and nice to cuddle with. If you prefer to have your companion professionally groomed, we have a staff of friendly and skilled professionals who are eager to help your companion look good. From the self-wash to our variety of products, we make sure that we have all snuggling needs met. Whether your pet is snuggled up in his bed or yours, we guarantee he’ll be smelling good after a visit to our store. Browse the latest selection of dog toys, cat toys, and grooming products at your Castle Rock store.

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A bed is an important purchase for your cat or dog. While some dogs love to snuggle up on the couch or bed, most pet parents don’t enjoy it so much (we won't judge you if you do in fact enjoy sharing the bed with your dog!). A personal bed will keep your furry friend off of the furniture and give him a personal space all to himself. Cat or dog beds offer a soft and comforting safe space for your pet to curl up when he’s feeling tired or anxious. In Castle Rock we have various other dog toys and cat toys that make a great addition to a pet bed like soft blankets and plush animals.

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When you shop at Wag N' Wash in Castle Rock, CO you are supporting your local community! Our Castle Rock, CO Natural Pet Food & Grooming store is locally owned and operated, meaning purchases made in our store, including our Cat Toys, support your local community. At Wag N' Wash, CO you will find the highest level of support and customer care. We work hard to make shopping a pawsitive experience for all of our customers, two and four legged alike. Wag N' Wash in Castle Rock is maintained by hard-working, pet loving residents of our local community, who would love to serve you and get to know you and your pet better! Next time you are looking for pet grooming, supplies and natural food in Castle Rock, think no further than Wag N' Wash.

By choosing Wag N' Wash in Castle Rock, CO as your local pet store, over a national chain store, you are helping us in our mission and strong dedication to enrich the community of Castle Rock. Shop local by visiting us today to take advantage of our all our services!

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