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If you love the outdoors, you probably have taken great care in choosing the right gear for your activities. Shoes, clothing, backpacks, and so on. But what about your four-legged best friend? How can you ensure they also stay safe and have a "pawsitive" experience no matter the adventure?

Outdoor pet gear in Castle Rock has come a long way. Here’s a breakdown of what your best furry friend needs to have a tail-wagging good time with you, no matter the weather or activity. Remember to test out any new gear for your dog at home to get them used to it before using it in the great outdoors!

Check out Wag N' Wash for all your outdoor pet gear needs! We’re your one-stop pet shop for pet supplies and grooming.

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Wag N' Wash is a locally owned outdoor pet gear store in Castle Rock.

At Wag N' Wash, We Carry A Wide Variety Of Outdoor Pet Gear:

Wag N' Wash - outdoor pet gear shop in Castle Rock. Food + Water

Like you, your dog will require extra water while adventuring. You can get them a fancy hydration pack so they can carry their own. If you’re going to carry all the water, make sure to pack along a collapsible water bowl your dog can drink from. Consider having a treat bag that attaches to your pack too, in order to help encourage good behavior when out on trails or around other people and dogs.

As for food and water dishes to end and start days in the wild, there are a variety of easy-to-use options available — just make sure to clean up any kibble your pup may kick around, especially in bear country.

Contact Wag N' Wash - the best outdoor pet gear shop near Castle Rock. Pick-Up Bags

Listen. The only downside to being outside in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? When nature...calls. If you’re an avid hiker, you’re probably familiar with the rules of going to the bathroom outdoors: make sure you’re away from running water, dig a hole if needed, and so on. Your dog? Not so much a stickler for the rules. That’s why it’s a top priority to make sure you not only bring pickup bags to take care of your dog’s business, but that you have a way to make sure it comes back with you — preferably not buried in your backpack or held in your hand the whole time. Either bring a small bag especially for packing it out, or get some gear that will allow you to clip it to your waist or backpack leaving your hands free.

Wag N' Wash top outdoor pet gear shop in Castle Rock. Booties & Boots

Although dog paws are pretty tough on their own, it’s important to protect them from rough surfaces, hot (in the summer) or cold (in the winter). You can help protect your dog’s feet with a good pair of boots. Look for water-resistant shoes with a grippy, texture rubber sole and make sure they fit properly. Plus, how cute are dogs in boots?

Wag N' Wash - the best outdoor pet gear shop near Castle Rock. Leashes

Always, always, ALWAYS bring a leash with you. Whether you’re hiking, camping, skiing — even if your location allows dogs to be off-leash. There are all kinds of leashes that can serve you and your pup. Extra long leashes so they can stay secure at a campsite, something that can quickly detach or attach when you’re skiing or hiking, whatever you need, you can find the best outdoor pet gear at your local pet store.

Wag N' Wash - the friendliest pet shop near Castle Rock. Travel Beds

Not looking to share your sleeping bag with your admittedly adorable, but wriggly sleeping dog? Get them their own little travel doggy bed! Problem solved.

Wag N' Wash - outdoor pet gear shop near Castle Rock. Hot Weather

In hot summer months, all we want to do is jump in the nearest body of water. If your dog loves water, even better! If you’re looking to participate in activities that take you farther away from the shore, such as kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding, get your pup a life jacket of their very own to keep them extra safe.

Look into things like doggy sunscreen and rub-on paw protectant if you’re planning to spend long days in the sun with your pooch. You’ll also want to invest in either a special cooling mat or harness to protect your dog from overheating.

Wag N' Wash - the pet shop near Castle Rock. Cold Weather

You’ve got your leash, your boots...what about a winter coat? Young and old dogs, and basically any dog that isn’t a husky, can be susceptible to cold. Make sure to get an insulated and waterproof coat (maybe two if you plan to be out all day) to keep your dog safe and warm. If you’re planning to picnic somewhere with snow on the ground, you can also buy a mat to keep your dog warm and dry as they lay on the snow.

Get Out And Go!

Our dogs inspire us to live life to its fullest every day. Now that you have a good idea of what you need for any kind of pup-tastic adventure, what’s stopping you? Check out Wag N' Wash to stock up on outdoor pet gear in Castle Rock and get ready to head off the grid!

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