Wet Cat & Dog Food In Castle Rock

When it comes to choosing food for your dog or cat, the options available can be overwhelming. In addition to picking a preferred brand, pet owners also have to choose between wet food or kibble. Often a hotly debated topic, the decision to feed your pup wet or dry food depends mainly on his dietary needs and preferred taste.

The benefits of wet dog food and kibble

  • The higher moisture content in wet dog food can help keep your pup hydrated, making canned food a great choice for dry, hot climates.
  • Wet food tends to have less carbs, making it ideal for dogs or cats who are on a diet.
  • Picky eaters that often turn their noses up at kibble will find it hard to resist the moist, savory aromas and taste of wet food.
  • Wet foods tend to be a better choice for dogs or cats with allergies or digestion issues as canned food typically is less processed than dry kibble.

The only drawback of wet dog and cat food is that it can be a bit more pricey than kibble. Most pet owners find a perfect balance with a diet that consists of both wet food and kibble. Wet dog food, whether served as a special treat or mixed half and half with kibble, is a great source of nutrition for your pup. Wet cat food offers the same benefits for your purrfect kitty. At Wag N' Wash in Castle Rock, you'll find a wide variety of canned cat and dog foods to add some flavor and nutrition to your pet's diet.

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