Kibble for Dogs & Cats In Castle Rock

Dry food, or kibble, is the first thing that comes to most people's minds when they think of dog food. Since the introduction of canned foods and raw diets, there has been much debate over what is the best diet for our four legged friends. While there are benefits to other types of foods and diets, kibble remains the best option for dogs in terms of diet, nutrition, and convenience. With a push for better ingredients and an influx of natural dog food brands, kibble is more nutritious now than ever. At Wag N' Wash in Castle Rock, you'll find a wide variety of natural dog food kibble brands for your pup.

Kibble is King Because it is:

  • Convenient - Unlike wet food that can go bad if not eaten right away, kibble can be left out all day and still eaten by your pup. Kibble also travels well, is easy to clean up, and simple to store.
  • Cost Effective - Most kibble brands are much less expensive than canned dog food. Incredibly cheap kibble brands should be avoided, however, as these brands tend to be overly processed and offer little in terms of nutrition. Natural dog food kibble brands are the best, healthiest choice for your dog.
  • Hygienic - Dry foods are better for your dog's dental hygiene, as the kibble prevents tartar and plaque build up and helps your dog keep his teeth clean as he chews. A diet of predominantly wet food may harm your dog's dental health. The crunchiness of kibble also is stress relieving for dogs as they chow down.

In the end, the choice between kibble and wet dog food comes down to your dog's dietary needs and preferred tastes and your budget. At the Castle Rock Wag N' Wash, we have a wide variety of natural pet food, both wet and dry. We can work with you to help you find a natural pet food brand that fits your dog's taste and your budget. Most people choose to go with a combination of both wet and dry. As long as your choice includes natural, fresh ingredients, we guarantee your pet will be happy.

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